Jo bears
USD 143.57
made From heavy cotton , embroidered details . Glass google eyes. Cotterpin jointed, pellet weighted. Clothes are removable. Lined cotton Paws.

USD 146.05
I am glad to present you a new duck Dickie. This yellow lump baby was born not so long. We did not even have time to blink an eye, as she turned into a real lady.

USD 150.00
A small, very gentle Monica is looking for a caring mistress, who will give all her love and tenderness. Bear sewn by hand from viscose made in Germany (100% cotton), filler sawdust and a little glass granulate. Glass eyes, made in England. Tinted art oil. Splintage connection, mobile. Clothes are made of the finest Batiste (100% cotton), lace guipure. Embroidery is made by hand with cotton floss.

USD 109.59
Please, meet my new duck – Jane. Jane is a lady duck, wearing a beautiful cotton hat decorated with cotton lace and flowers. She is made in light tones. Delicate pastel make up finishes her image. Jane is made of special fur – fabric called sheep wool, looks at the world with glass eyes, filled tightly with combination of sawdust and sherstepon (special wool based filler).

USD 206.83
Today I would like to introduce you Melisа. I'll start with the outfit, which is unique and designed specifically for her. • The intimate side of the issue is underwear. The girl is decent, so the underpants are made with exquisite lace. • The dress is rich in fabrics and textures.

Sweet Leyla
Teja Toys
USD 59.76
I would like to introduce you to my new teddy bear. Her name is Sweet Leyla. The bear is 9cm high. Leyla is fully connected and can move arms, legs and head. Clothes made from natural linnen fabric, cotton and beads. Merino wool nose. Each teddy has a passport with the name and year of birth. Can not stand alone, only with support.

Sweet Caramel
Teddy Art
USD 112.00
Teddy bear in pink knitted suit.

USD 90.00
Pepek 23cm cotton 5joints eyess glass blue stuffed hollow fiber mineral granulate lace atigue paw woll hand made stitching

USD 100.00
Bear John is made of a vintage plush. Fillers: wood sawdust,wood wool and steel granules. Eyes glass. Body soft, hands and legs movable. Size sitting 9 cm. Can not stand alone.

USD 95.00
Reggie Was made from mohair Germane . Eyes is from glass. This bear was stuffed with sawdust and wood wool,mineral granules, metal granules for weight 5 way discs /cotterpins joint.

Teddys By Katerina Bondarenko
USD 80.00
Ted vintage teddy bear,hand made by me from:german cotton, supplied with sawdust,wood wool,stone chips and metal granulargerman eyes glass, palms and hells from felttinted with oil paints , head and feet are mounted on 5 cotter pins weight 300 grams, Ted has vintage ribbon. He stands well with support and can stand alone. Please note,he is not intended for games.

Catherine Pink Lady
Olena Ostapuk
USD 180.00
girl sewn from German mohair. her height is 35 cm. eyes glass. mount 5 cotter pins.

USD 165.00
Stylish young moose wants to meet a new family. The toy is made of professional fur viscose made in Germany, sawdust filler and glass granulate. Eyes glass. The horns are polymer clay. Paws and head on a movable splintage connection. Clothes are made of Japanese cotton (if desired, can be removed), boots made of thin genuine leather, wooden sole. Moose confidently stands and sits alone.

USD 140.00
A serious young bear named Theodore or just Theo is looking for a new home, wants to live on his shelf or in the house of his friends. Flexible nature, without harmful habits, is obliged to love their new owners, bring home comfort and warmth. Theodore is made of delicate viscose of German production (vanilla color), filled with sawdust + a little glass granulate. Bus connection, mobile.

Anna Hoo Artists Bears
USD 334.45
Roma, 34 cm (excl. ears) long curly light taupe colored mohair bunny, wearing a harlequin hat and diamond checkered bow with bells.