Fairy tale "Three bears"
Galina Khalikova
This is a Russian fairy tale “Three bears”. The bears are mother (10,4 inches, or 26 cm), father (10,8 inches, or 27 cm) and a son (8,4 inches, or 21 cm). They will become a great present for a birthday, a wedding or an anniversary. The bear family is very kind, cozy and sincere. They’ll bring happiness to your home! Sewn from Italian brown viscose, filled with metal granulate and softwood.

Newborn brown bear
newborn bear cub in a cozy forest den

Teddy bear Sea Breeze
Teddy Art
Miniature turquoise teddy bear 3,5 inch with pink scarf OOAK Artist Teddy Bear Collectible teddy bears Handmade teddy bears Home bear friend. Collectible miniature teddy bear, 3,5 inch, beautiful turquoise color. Very soft and cozy little bear. Completely handmade. Made of fur for miniature. Bear has embroidered nose and little glass black eyes. Filled with synthetic fiber and glass granules. Accessories: knitted soft pink scarf from italian yarn.

Teddy bear Timurka
Nata Budkevich Teddy bear
Timurka Solnyshkin. Dreamy, calm child. What dreams? About a cozy home, affectionate and kind household. Loves sweets, meat pies. Viscose Schulte, inside the sawdust. Mount on the cotter pins. can only sit.

Teddy Bear "Wilfred"
Marina Stepanova
Teddy Bear "Wilfred," a growth of 22 cm, 8.6 inch. Can stand holding onto something for support, and sits down with pleasure. You can easily put one foot on the other leg (my author's pattern) . Sewn on my author's pattern. Sewn by hand from viscose manual color (Italy-France). Black glass eyes (Germany), embroidered nose, ears, paws cotton. Tinted with oil paint. The bear is filled with sawdust and metal granules.

bears by Alexandra Yaskevich_masterdobra
It is sewn from original materials in memory of the historical well-known bear. My photos, the color may be slightly different from the actual. If you have any questions, write to me. Bear 22cm. sewn by hand from the mohair of Germany. Delicately aged, worn and hardened! Wood wool packing. The head / shoulders / feet move freely on the cotter pin. Has a cotton onion, clothes are removed.

Klintzfamily Bears
Unusual country bohemian prairie primitive striking lovely autumn colors teddy bear . Fizz, a romantic soul, soft elegant rustic “lap and secrets” bear. If you supply the lap and secrets, if it’s warm and cozy with a few hugs thrown in, he might tell you some of his ….

Kitten Lolly
Made of German plush. The nose is made of polymer clay. Eyelids are made of wool . Teddy, completely hand-sewn in with 5-discs and pins, and it is filled with merino wool and steel pellets. The head can move. The upper and lower legs have a wire frame, so they can occupy a different position. Toned by artistic oil paints.

Teddy bear boy Franz
Teddy by AnnaKolo
Teddy bear boy Franz. Completely handmade author's work.

A Gentle Moth
Workshop toys Кaterina Prokhorenko
Gentle manual sun wants to find a cozy house!

Angel Of Autumn.
Zheleznova Svetlana
It is like woven from sunbeams, red hair like autumn leaves. He was flying-flying and tired.. he took off his wings and decided to relax and find a shelter, a warm and cozy house, where he will be loved and cherished...

Duck Jeannette
Duck Jeannette The height of growth is 9 cm. Each seam is done manually. His head, legs and arms are mobile. Filled sawdust and metal granulate Black eyes (German glass) Duck has a cap and dress (can be removed). Decoration Japanese beads This duck will be a cozy addition to your house or a wonderful gift.

Tibo cozy classic bear
Anna Bratkova bears
Cozy Mohair bear in classic tradition style, soft mohair, * plessant middle soft stuffed rubber pellets and sawdust, his body and arms are flexible Head hard stuffed 5 way discs /cotterpins joint, * glass eyes metall/mineral pellets for weight in legs and belly, * wool felt paws

Little Things by Jane Antipina
Teddy bear Mokka in a cozy brown sweater. With ice-cream in the paw).

Good-natured bag with Cozy
Artist teddy bears with soul
This is a charming, kind, warm bag with a cosiness.