Phoebe - Mohair teddy bear
Teddy J Bears
Phoebe is our newest teddy to the family. She is hand dyed curly mohair fur. She has hand painted eyes and polymer clay hand made eye surrounds. Her nose has been needle felted and she is 5 way jointed. Phoebe wears a gorgeous rose gold pendant by Sister and Soul with Mama Bear on her pendant. She is weighted with steel shot in her hands, feet and body.

Miniature Sheep Curly
Victoria Ivanova
Sweet miniature Sheep sewn from Curly faux fur, cotton, wool Glass eyes Head and legs are mobile Filled with wool and metal granulat

Meghan and Cinnamon
Cobblestone Creations
Meghan is a sweet bunny girl in the Book Club series from Cobblestone Creations and is 11 inches seated. She will come with her 3 inch puppy named Cinnamon, her favorite Miniature Golden book titled Four Puppies and her spectacles. Meghan is made of curly ivory colored faux fur with pale brown cashmere inner ears and foot pads. She is 5 way jointed.

bichon frize
The toy is made of artificial fur, soft as a cloud, the fur is slightly curly, which is very similar to the fur of this breed.

Davina the witch
Jo bears
Davina the witch has a sculpted porcelain face with set in beautiful turquoise dolls eyes that match her fur and accessories. She measures approximately 17” not including her hat . Her body is made from a very lovely and unusual faux fur and her limbs and black curly locks mohair. I have dressed her in a double net cape and a black decorated felt hat.

Miguel bear with dreads
Plush Forest Bears
Year, origin 2016, St. Petersburg.

Bear Tusya
Toys by Talya Roshchina
The teddy bear is sewn of fur on a cotton base, the composition of the fur includes natural sheep wool.

Cocker spaniel
Mir zverushek
Size lying in a length of 32 cm (from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail, excluding the paws and tail). Upper and lower jaws. The mouth may be closed or open. Due to the magnetic mounting mouth is free to move and can be fixed at any angle, and slightly oblique position. The magnetic mount is very sturdy. It can not be broken.

Dusty is a small lopsided bear. He is made from scruffy fabric, similar to that of Gem. He is an old grumpy bear. He is five way jointed, made with stuffing and plastic pellets, glass eyes and large metal buttons along his tummy. His paws are a shaved fur, and he has navy nose and paw details. He comes with an adoption certificate and a story.

Beauty and Bears
Hello I am a new bear artist and this is my first original design bear ...: This little guy loves mushrooms so I named him Crimmie, he is fully jointed with loc n line in arms and legs crafted from high quality faux fur and airbrushed with dyes flow soft fabric inks . His face is needle felted and rooted with individual mohair to give him personality .

Kotyonkina Teddy Bears
Artist teddy bear Milky one of a kind and 100% handmade teddy bear. Cute baby are looking for a home Delicate Teddy bear made of silk fur (made in Germany). Bear are incredibly gentle, fluffy. Very tactile and pleasant to the touch. Milky is the beautiful gift for the girl or simply lover of bears. Attention please, in this item only white bear for sale.

Black ducky
Oksana Matviienko
The pattern made by Natalia Klimova.

Teddy Stories
Melania is made by hand from the German mohair, painted with pastels and oil paints. It is filled with sawdust and metal granulate. Melania has all the paws and head, German eyes and an embroidered waxed nose. Height 27 centimeters, All clothes made only from natural fabrics. Materials for clothing: flax, silk, velvet, batiste, Swarovski crystals, natural mink fur, beads, embroidery threads "Anhor", decorative ribbon., All clothes are removable.

Villa Paradiso
This sweet white puppy has a name Zucchero that from Italian means Sugar. he is a sweet bichonfrisè puppy of 24cm//9,5’ tall (without considering the tail). He can make a lot of poses (set, stay on 4 legs, lay down) 100% handmade artist work, completely hand sewn, with clay hand sculpted details. • Material: Curly artificial fur • Head: glass eyes, airdry clay, sculpted details inside.

'Ewe pembs' the sheep
Bearmore Bears
Welcome my first sheep 'Ewe Pembs' designed and created by myself. She is made from a mixture of curly faux fur and mini pile. Ewe Pembs has glass realistic eyes with leather eyelids and eyelashes, she has a hand stitched nose and mouth with shading to her face and inner ears. Ewe Pembs has a jointed neck and body Armature. Her hooves are baked clay sculpted and varnished.

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