Street cats Beggars ooak toy, 11.4 inches (29 centimeters)
Ostap Bender and Kisa are the characters of the book "Twelve chairs" . This is a classic satirical novel by the Soviet authors of Odessa by Ilf and Petrov, released in 1928. Ostap Bender is a professional fraudster, funny, inventive and charming, Kisa middle-aged former nobleman. They are United by the search for treasures, hidden mother-in-law Kisa's in one of twelve chairs from dining set.

The workshop of Businka
The little kitten is undoubtedly one of the most exotic cats you have ever seen. He's sweet, calm and cute, likes to be in his owners warm hands, as well as to take some rest on shelves, sofas or any other furniture he finds suitable for comfortable sleeping. His height is 16 cm (27 cm from the vary top to the end of his tail).

Kitten Hope
Artist teddies by Nata Litun
Three little kittens lost their mittens... Mint one of tree sweet kittens of Faith, Hope and Love!!! Height 10 сm sitting, hand dyed viscose and sued. He is filled with fiberfill and steel pellets (so he had a nice weight as if you are holding alive little kitty). His head, arms and legs are jointed with cotter pin and disk. He has little black glass eyes with leather lids.

Cat Dranik
Once I met a homeless cat: How are you doing?, "Nothing, little by little ..." I heard that you are seriously ill ..., It hurts. "So you were in bed?" Lying on the street for weeks , Homeless, I have nowhere to put up a bed. I thought: "It's strange that in a huge world There is no place for dogs and cats to be homeless.

Cat Felix
Alena Haurylava
Felix's cat, sewn from viscose, short and long-haired, filled with sawdust, weighted, knitted jacket. For purchasing please write in private messages.

Puppy Chihuahua (charitable sale)
Mileyshee creation!Puppy Chihuahua face and ears made of bake plastic ( very durable), body and tail of the plush, reinforced frame ,kid can take a variety of poses. It is always possible to take with you wherever you go, tons of it sitting size is 12 cm with ears and weighs 69 grams. (Is 69 in numerology are considered a symbol of the spiritual perfection of man.

Cat BartholoMew, the 4th, and she-cat Yvette (Iva)
2 tiny cats: BatholoMEW, the 4th, and she-cat Yvette (Iva). ~11 cm, sitting, to the top of their ears. Polyfill and steel pellets inside, they're heavy enough. Made of beautiful viscose and matching suede fabrics (ears inside). There's a wire inside their arms and tails; their eyes are made of glass; also there're vibrissae) His vest is made of genuine leather + different metal fittings.

Realistic toy CATS Craft Cats portrait Teddy bear For pets Pet portraits Animalistic gifts Art doll Christmas Gift Woodland Nature
Pet Portrait by Katerina Makogon
This is a collectible toy made using the technology of teddy bears, as well as my author's designs. This toy will help prolong your warm memories of the pet. And will also be an excellent gift for loved ones. If you do not have a pet, but have long dreamed of it. I will gladly do a repeat of any work from my store for you.

Teddy cats
The kitten is sewn from viscose, filled with sawdust and weighted with metal granulate. The eyes are made of glass. The nose is hand-made. The height is about 14 cm. The clothes are made of cotton and silk. Decorated with lace. Clothes are not removed. On the head there is a silk ribbon. On the legs, boots are made of genuine leather. The little princess has a few sad eyes.

Irina Kotelnikova
23.6 inches (59.9 centimeters). Puma (Cougar) This realistic cat has a large size and weight: Height to the base of the ears is 15 in, The length of the cat from the nose to the base of the tail is 23.6 in, weight 5 pounds. The weight of a cat consists of only 100% wool. Since I do not use weighting pellets for toys. During work I use high quality wool and mohair threads.

Kitten Yasya
I would like to present to you this lovely plush cat. This is my new collection of human cat. The main idea of this collection is to show cats as young children, or children like cats. Yasya, the cat that represents the collection is made from Italian faux fur. As usual in this cat I used my favorite cotter pin joints: hands, feet, neck and head can be moved.

Abyssinian cats
Abyssinian OOAK cat kittens by NatalyTools (Natalia Tolstykina) It can be portrait of your pet! 8.2 inches tall (22cm) . Abyssinian cats, Sewn from mohair, all legs rotate, head bobs and rotates, growth 20 cm + ears, upper legs and tail are reinforced and bend, copyright author's design face, . Materials:germany mohair, handpainted glass eyesfiberfill, metal & glass granules6 cotter pins, oil painting.

My bear Treasures
Today I’m going to show you a new CAT Amira . OOAK. Standing 36 cm sitting 28 cm. It’s completely handmade out of high-quality artificial fur. The face and nose are elaborated with a felting needle, in a most complicated “wool sculpture” technique. The eyes are made in a unique “lively eyes” technique, and the eyelashes make the look still more expressive. The face is toned by pastel.

Kitten Asya
Kitten Asya, Standing Height 20cm ,looking for a home.

Little tiger Louis
Irina Kirichenko
Louis is made of plush.All connections on the pins.The upper, lower legs and tail are reinforced can take a different position.Eyes made of hand-made glass.Filled with senstional and by synthetic fluff and metal granulate.The fur is tinted.Hands not dirty.