My bear Treasures
Today I’m going to show you a new bear –Caramel. It’s completely handmade out of high-quality alpaka. The face and nose are elaborated with a felting needle, in a most complicated “wool sculpture” technique. The eyes are made in a unique “lively eyes” technique, and the eyelashes make the look still more expressive. The face is toned by pastel.

Panda Sue-Lin
Panda Sue-Lin, Standing Height 40cm ,looking for a home.

Panda Sue-Jin
Panda Sue-Jin, Standing Height 40cm ,looking for a home.

Cow Manya
Cow Manya , height standing 30cm, looking for a house.Cow Manya sewed of plush, Fixing paws and muzzle on the cotter pin Filled with polyester and metal granulate, It has a good weight, weighted metal granulate glass eyes made in Germany, The nose is made by hand from polymer clay

Charlie OOAK
Bear Charlie OOAK, height standing 70cm, sitting 55cm The bear is made of a beautiful artificial plush.

Bunny Zeffy
Artist teddies by Nata Litun
Bunny Zeffy By Nata Litun. 4.3 inches (11 centimeters). New lovely bunny with irresistible eyescan travel with you in your hand bag or pocket worldwide and bring you lucky and good mood. Height 11 cm Materials: curve viscose and suede. She is filled with fiberfill and steel pellets (so she had a nice weight as if you are holding alive little bunny).

Topi Cat
Topi Cat. He is fully jointed and can move his arms, feet and head. Topi is made from soft and smooth german viscose fabric; stuffed with sawdust, steel pellets; glass eyes. Not for little kids.

Teddy Hedgehog Shushik
His name is Shushik. Growth standing still about 6 inches. The toy is made of viscose and mohair. The face is made of natural wool in the technique of dry felting. Glass eyes handmade. The inimitable living glance! Tinted artistic dry pastel. The filler is virgin wool. Weighted. Head and legs can be easily rotated in all directions. With curiosity looks at the world. Can stand and sit with support.

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