The cock Hamlet
Others Teddie
USD 120.00
Meet his name is Hamlet. He was born in September 2018. A place of birth Moscow region. One of a kind. This is the fighting cock Japanese breed Shamo. Height 30cm standing. Is worth himself steadily. Created for love and play. He can be combed with a soft brush. Handmade pendant made of polymer clay Fimo.

adopted USD 170.00
This man has an impressive weight of 700 grams.

adopted USD 695.00
Seraphim is a bear with a very kind and cute expression. This bear looks very realistic and it's nice, but not relaxed! The bear is made of high-quality artificial fur. The neck option gives a lot of positive opportunities when turning the head. 6 contact disks are used. He has flexible arms and legs. Used skeleton and bolts.

Julia's teddy Handmade
adopted USD 110.00
Loui is an OOAK elk, he is 20 cm tall , made of viscose, filled with sawdust, met.granules and wood wool. He is a 5-way jointed, toned by artistic oil paint.

adopted USD 72.00
Brutal black color obliges tied only scarf-no bows! There is a heart ❤ which is ready to freeze from tender words and kisses in the nose . Care recommendations: love love gentle hand cleaning, keep away from moisture. Will be your reliable friend will come in a beautiful package with your own passport and autograph of the author. Delivery as a gift. Ask me more photos.

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