My mishka
Violetta is sewn from a vintage plush of manual staining. Filling with sawdust, metal and glass granulate and love. Viscous, waxed nose, eyes German glass. Clothes made from the finest cambric, painted with berries of blackberries, antique lace, clothes are delicately aged wardrobe: dress trousers socks shoes Completely manual work. Confidently stands and sits. All clothes are removed. Author's pattern.

Timekeeper Seraph
Timekeeper Treasures
Made from uniquely hand dyed mohair in tones of salmon and dust pink, Seraph is ready to brighten your day, and warm your heart! He has brown buzzard eyes and needle felted eyelids that give him that besotted look! He has a hand stitched, plum nose with gold threaded highlights, and stands at approximately 23cm (9”).

Mish Marina Kashkina
material: plush Filling: sawdust. mineral granulate. glass granulates mounting: pin + drive. head + 4 paws. eyes glass. black color nose: cotton thread. stitched entirely by hand. without the use of sewing machines

Elena Zaugolnaya
He is made of the finest chocolate-brown German mohair and felt (feet and paws). He has glass eyes. He has 5 joints. He's is stuffed with the mix of sawdust and mineral granulate and wood wool, vintage style haircut has rubbed the fur. I hope you'll love his feet and tummy stuffed with VERY SOFT ,mohair his skin and filling makes embrace him with warm feelings. .

knopic 2
Lisevihc Tatiana
knopic 2 bear. viscose, sawdust, wood wool, metal granulate. shplintovye mounting arms and head. the legs are joint with the body. belly stuffed is not comfortable to hold in hands.

Bear Filimon
Irina Kashlevska
antique viscose, sawdust, glass eyes

Davon Mouse
DAVON MOUSE made for the June 2018 BCA EXCLUSIVE ONLINE SHOW. A tiny 4inch/10cm Mouse of the cutest kind. He is handmade by me using only the finest quality materials. Stitched using invisible thread, Davon Is made from sassy mini bear fur in 2 shades of neutral colours, a light beige and a light tan. The perfect combination.

Teddy Moose. Teddy Elk. OOAK
Cozy Josie
- Teddy Moose is made of German mohair.

Panda Baby
Svetlana Ageeva
Height 32 cm, sitting about 23 cm. The baby can open and cover the mouth, hugging with its soft legs, which have claws. Panda is made of soft German alpaca. Heels, palms and fingers made from 100% natural wool. The mouth, tongue, teeth, nose, and claws are molded manually from polymer clay. The eyes are made of German glass.

Toy terrier Marley
I present to you a charming toy terrier Marley. Size sitting about 10 cm , full-length 13 cm Materials: faux fur,viscose, stuffing: fiberfill,sawdust, metal granulate milliput(nose), 6 cotter pins eyes plastic , eyelashes, muzzle felt clothes cotton and mini plush, The puppy only sits (can't stand). Marley comes with a certificate. The house where the toys are made is free of tobacco smoke.

Anastasia Besedina
French bulldog in the style of Teddy. All the limbs are movable, in the style of the vintage. Toned pastel and oil paints, decorated with a bow, can sit and stand on four legs.

White tiger Tibet.
Irina Kirichenko
White tiger Tibet.

Puppy Teddy toy Korzhik ...
Elena Korotkova
Puppy Teddy toy Korzhik ... from viscose Schulte. Its height is 14 cm. Filling of sawdust, mineral granulate. The eyes are the glass. His arms, legs and head can move.

Teddy dog Boris is one of the collection called "Smart".Teddy dog is made of viscose, filled with small pine and cedar sawdust, weighted with metal granulate. He has glass eyes. Paws are on the splint connection, they can rotate, and the head on the double splint joint, so the dog "nods" his head. Growth is 19-20cm. Dog And all clothes are completely sewn by hand.

Fox Jack
Fox Jack. Material: vintage plush. Eye: glass. Filling: wood shavings and metal granulate. Attachment: 6 cotter pins. Toning: oil paints. Clothing: wool, cotton, leather. Clothes can be removed. The only instance.