Bear Treasures by Melanie Jayne
Measurements: Height 15 inches (38cm) Sitting 10.5 inches (26cm) Materials: Corey is a beautiful teddy bear character made from a wavy honey brown mohair, he has pure wool hand and feet paw pads which I have sculpted and hand shaded. He is fully jointed and is fitted with English glass eyes. He is firmly filled and has added steel shot in his tummy to give his a little extra weight.

Bear Tobias
Airy Bears
Tobias is 12 cm 5'' tall OOAK mini teddy bear. He is made of dense soft mohair, is fully cotter pin jointed, has German glass eyes and embroidered cotton nose. He is stuffed with polyfill and weighted with tiny glass beads. His face and body has been shaded with "copic" markers. He wears brown cotton polka dot jacket and yellow velvet bow tie. Toby was born in March 2018.

Teddy by Elena Karasenko
Adam Charming is not a big bear in the collection!Sew in a unique mohair, filled with sawdust, wood wool.Created in your favorite traditional style.Height 20 cm, he wears a cap and silk several photos with a bear, my daughter, Ada!

Genny Bears
Teddy bear Roberto 36 cm , sit 28 cm, He is made of soft top quality of hand dyed mohair ( 25 mm ), * He has German glass eyes are painted and embroidered and varnished nose Inside metal granules for weight, * Staffed with sawdust, hollofiber Toning dry Pan Pastel, * Silk bow, hand-colouring.

Bear Mishka
Soft toy teddy bear Animal. Bear made of mohair and felt, filled with sawdust. This is a very cute bear. Clothes can be removed. The sweater is decorated with a silk ribbon and a bell. You can always carry around. This is a toy for a smile. The most beautiful teddy bear you can say that it was carefully made with great love and attention to detail.

Kotoveika BEAR
Mishutka Joni Bear sewn entirely by hand from mohair . Gasket loose, a little sawdust and granulate. Mount the disk on the pins, legs and head turn, nose is embroidered. Yourself not able to stand) .

from St.Petersburg
He was born and raised in this city. He almost merged with him. Gray on the gray background of the City, he was constantly in some kind of melancholy thoughtfulness ... Often you can meet him in the Summer Garden, but never in the summer. His Garden opened for him in the autumn ..

Anna-Rita Bears
OOAK This is my author's work from my author's sample and design.

Bruno Teddy Bear
Bruno teddy bear 12 inch(31cm) handmade sewn from vintage plush.

Mi-Misha by Olga Mitina
The Teddy Bear Stepa is made of viscose, he is 6 sm tall and has 5 joints, stuffed with wood chips and metal granules. Eyes are made of glass. Hand-painted with oil and acrylic paints. SHIPPING: The Teddy Bear will be sent via registered airmail small parcel. It has a tracking number (trackable all the way in most countries. But sometimes it's trackable only before export.) Arriving time is usually approx.

Lovely friends by Audrone Eidukiene
This hand made dog Dionysius made from german mohair. He is 16cm tall . Every stitch is done by hand. His Head, legs and arms have been Five-way loosely jointed with hardboard disks. This bear has been stuffed with polyester filling and steel pellets. His eyes are Glass eyes and felted around. His nose is embroidered with cotton and waxy.

. She doesn't want to be a bear, she wants to be a hare! She has a friend Shaun the sheep, they're inseparable. In the evenings, they love to drink tea with milk and read poetry. . Only handmade sewing from beautiful German viscose fabric. Stuffed with sawdust, wood wool, steel and mineral pellets. Head and paws are fixed by means of disks and pins.

This boy's name is Bruno. He is very fat and big bear. His standing height is 70 cm, his weight is about 3 kg. In order for the bear to stand confidently. It stand and sit confidently. This can be seen in the photo, where Bruno very willingly poses and is not afraid to fall. High quality fur with thick undercoat.

Irina Vasileva
He is a real dreamer, so tender and touching. He is in love with everybody and everything. Teddy is ready to become your best friend. Handmade of mohair (Germany), toes and palms are made of woolen felt. Stuffed with sawdust, cedar shaving, and mixture of granules. On his neck he's got a cotton collar with silk ribbons. The teddy is made during "Team 77" project.

Mr. Boss
He made of German mohair. Have 5 split pins each. Stuffed with pine sawdust and metal granulate. He has glass eyes. Toned with oil paint.