Fox Jack
Fox Jack. Material: vintage plush. Eye: glass. Filling: wood shavings and metal granulate. Attachment: 6 cotter pins. Toning: oil paints. Clothing: wool, cotton, leather. Clothes can be removed. The only instance.

Paul & Mary
Teddy by Olga Golub
Little bears from viscose, filled with sawdust and steell granules, has 6 way disk joints, glass eyes . Fully sewn by hand.

Teddy cat is 8 cm in height. Made from hand-painted viscose. Glass eyes. 5-cotter pin fastening. Filled with sawdust and metal granules. Toned with oil paints

Vintage style toys by Larisa Rodionova
Rabbit was made of vintage fabric. It filled with sawdust tightly. Carefully aged. Ears can take any position.

Beau's measures about 7" (22 cm) sitting without his ears. His fur is a wonderful realistic looking plush. I stuffed him with natural sheep wool, and some steel shots for weight. His nose is sculpted of clay. His eyes are of realistic brown German glass. I needle sculpted his face and gently shaded his muzzle by hand to achieve a living expression.

Bluebearries Toys
Golden labrador retriever.

Svetlana Mikhaylova

JuNa Art
EDITION: OOAK USED MATERIALS: paperclay, wooden stand, lace, vintage brooch EYES: German glass DETAILS: painted with acrylic paints All clothing is made by me. Please, note, that the jacket is more brown colour as orange (it seems too bright on the photos). He was sculpted completely by hands, no molds or other forms. Frank is not suitable for young children, as he contains small parts.

Canadian Lynx
Neverine's Creatures
Fully poseable Canadian lynx art doll. 35 cm tall (with ears), made of synthetic fur over a wire armature. Filled with polyfill, weighted with steel granulate. Glass eyes, polymer clay nose. Handsewn, trimmed and painted. Now something about Canadian lynxes... It's native to North America. It ranges across Canada and Alaska extending into the Rocky Mountains and New Mexico.

Mini bunny Lili
I'm glad to introduce to you my new minibunny Lili. Lili was born 10.03.19 The cub was crocheted and brushed to fluffy, then all-body scissor shaped. Crocheted parts have no seams, and that's a great advantage for miniature. Each limb, each part was crocheted separately, thread-shaped. Then carefully brushed to fluffy and scissor shaped. He is 5 way thread jointed.

Little owl
A small owl was born on July 20, 2017. Made specifically for Jill! Baby sewn on the author's pattern from sweet german plush and minishtoff, filled with warmth, good mood, holofayber. Belly weighted with glass granulate. Head, legs and wings are movable (cotter fixing), wings are reinforced, bending. Eyes are made from german glass. Beak and eyelids are felted from wool, toning dry art pastel.

Teddy bear Henry, in steampunk style
Here you can see my cute teddy bear Henry, one of 3 bears in steampunk style. You can find them in my shop also. He's 25,5 cm; made of beautiful curly mohair and filled with polyfill and steel pellets. His arms and legs are jointed, his head is double-jointed, so it can swing. He has glass lilac/dark-rose eyes, a tail and a handmade glass "heart shape" nose!

Bunny Lucy
Teddy by Lena Volodko
The bunny is made of white curly viscose. Filled with sawdust, weighted with mineral and metal granules. 5 cotter pins, glass dark brown eyes. Tinted with oil and pastel. Sewn on the pattern of Xenia Moroz. The beret is made of burgundy knitwear, is removed. Stands and sits alone. Bunny will be exhibiting at the end of May. It can be reserved by paying 50% or 100%.

futuristic brown bear teddydoll
this futuristic teddidoll is my author's reading of the future. It was created under the influence of such a great film as " blade runner", as well as science fiction in the style of cyberpunk. This is a Teddydoll image of a being from the future, a human-android-animal. In this case it is a brown bear. The materials used are high-quality plastic, vintage plush, author's technologies, plastic clothing.

Sasha The Bear.
Sewn from German mohair. 5 cotter pins. eyes the glass. Filler sawdust. Tinted with artistic oil paints. Growth sitting and with ears 32 cm.