Bear Amber
Hello, please meet "Amber" He is 5 way jointed.

Plush Family
Marcel was made from mohair. He has German glass eyes.

Sewn from hand dyed viscose. Standing approx 18 cm tall. (7.0in). The arms,head and legs move. OOAK teddy. Stuffing materials – sawdust, steel pellets. Viscose, glass eyes, oil paints, polymer clay, felted eyelids . Please be aware it's not suitable for little children due to small parts and glass eyes. Do not wash or dry them. It can damage the product.

Gina is made of many materials: mohair, 2 types of plush, natural fur, cotton. Aged and worn by me. Antique eyes. Exotic looks and a classic shape.

Mom's joy
I dedicate this work to all moms, their tenderness and care, their love and patience The growth of the mother bear of 18 cm , a daughter of 13 cm .

Brutal and important bear.

Lyudmila Zhuravleva
The size of the bear 27 centimeters. Made of Alpaca. Eyes are glass. Filled with cedar sawdust, metal granulate.

Dominik little brown bear with amber eyes and exellent charaсter. Good companion.

Bear Dandelion
Toys by Talya Roshchina
The toy is made of faux fur, is filled with a synthetic material and glass granulate. Handmade glass eyes. Dress made from cotton, decorated with hand-made embroidery.

Musical bear Zhostov
Fairy House Olesya Averina
Hello, today a new, very unusual and beautiful musical bear from the series "Belly with a picture" Very gentle, interesting and with blue eyes. His name is Zhostov, since on his stomach there is an image with elements of Zhostovo painting. The color layer is very rare. It is made of an ancient, strong silk plush with manual contrast. The bear has a beautiful picture on his stomach.

Almonds nut
Еmotional bears by Irina Voronina
Charming bear. Big, heavy.

Teddy Bear. Teddy Panda
Cozy Josie
- Teddy bear sewn from german viscose .

Teddy bear
Cozy little animals teddy
Teddy bear Made from German viscose hand-colored.

Teddy bear Afanasij
ImBear by Ina Smirnova
OOAK Teddy bear Afanasij made by ImBear (Ina Smirnova). He is sewn from german medium dense, straight mohair. Sawdust and mineral pellets inside. Glass eyes, nose is embroidered. 5 way jointed with cotter-pins and disks. Shaded with oil paints. Accesorised with silk ribbons and cross-stitch embroidered belly and forehead. The embroidery is russian sacred doll named Richman and it means a talisman that brings home good luck and wealth.

Boo Bear
Boo Bear. He is fully jointed and can move his arms, feet and head. Boo is made from soft and smooth german viscose fabric; stuffed with sawdust, steel pellets; glass eyes. Not for little kids.