Beauty and Bears
Hello I am a new bear artist and this is my first original design bear ...: This little guy loves mushrooms so I named him Crimmie, he is fully jointed with loc n line in arms and legs crafted from high quality faux fur and airbrushed with dyes flow soft fabric inks . His face is needle felted and rooted with individual mohair to give him personality .

Chicago Bear Co.
Flora was hand sewn from a soft and sparse brown mohair with wool felt boots and inner ears. She has German glass eyes, a hand embroidered nose, and lots of scissor sculpting and shading for her unique look. Her head is on a cotter pin joint, and her limbs are string jointed for for lots of cute poses. Flora is stuffed firmly with polyfil and steel shot for weight.

Milk Brownie
Please meet the third pair of twins. I didn't give the names to the kids this time. Being inspired by German mohair collection, which base is different in color from the fur I called the couple itself. This fabric has a brown base, while the fur is milk brown. This combination gives a unique effect of milk brownie. The mohair is a bit scratchy.

Teddy Bear "Margo"
Teddy whith love
It is sewn from a velor brown, smeared with oil paints, stuffed with a syntypus.

Spring Blossom Bears and Bunnies
Hello, please meet Spirit. Spirit is a bear measuring in at 13.5" high. He is made from a multicolored synthetic fur that is white, gray and light brown. He has black glass eyes with lids, a glass nose and an embroidered mouth. His foot and paw pads are made from a silky soft fabric.

Bear Syoma
Bear Syoma.

brown teddy in red hat
Cuddlesome Critters
Little teddy is made made from German viscose and has German glass eyes.

“Herbarium. Dill”
Viktoria Golubeva Bears
27cm. Viscose, sawdust, mineral pellets, wood wool. Cotton, hand embroidery.

"My Little World" by Anna Matveyeva
Bear sewn from plush, filled with sawdust, weighted with metal granulate, has 5 pins, nose fashioned from polymer clay, eyes-glass, tinted with art oil, shirt made of cotton.

Spring bear Barely waiting for warm spring days, she went to the forest with a basket to listen to the birds singing and pick up the first spring flowers. Height 26 cm, stitched from vintage plush hand-painted, fastening 5 cotter pins, tightly filled with sawdust and weighted with metallic granules. Eyes glass (Germany), tinted with oil and pastel. Clothes and shoes are removed. Clothes and a hat cotton, footwear genuine leather.

Dash is a 10 inch luxury faux fur bear.

OOAK Absolutely autumn Fox Teddy
OOAC Absolutely autumn Fox Teddy author's collectible toy. Created from German viscose. Tightly Packed with sawdust. It has 5 splint connections (head, arms and legs). The autumn Fox Teddy glass eyes, painted by hand. It is tinted with oil paints. Autumn Fox Teddy dressed up in a Park-jacket with a hood, pockets and lots of strings of linen, and cotton pants with pockets.

Author work from Ksenia Savostianova, my original copyright design & pattern. The Lori is 28 m tall, 18 cm when seated. He can't stand. Made of soft German plush in two colors . Lori has no joints, he has one-piece body with flexible spine and limbs inside and inner armature in the fingers. The nose is made of polymer clay and hand painted by me.

Let me introduce you to my new work Basset Hound. His name is Phil. He is a great guy, loves to drive a motorcycle and listen to rock. Its height is 21 cm (8.26 inches). Phil is made of high quality German Viscose Schulte of two colors, stuffed with sintepon and metal granulate. All parts of the body are connected with cotter pins. He has glass eyes.

Materials: white and brown viscose, ministoff fiber filler, glass granulate german glass eyes, 5-way jointed hand made nose from FIMO, pastel