Chicago Bear Co.
Flora was hand sewn from a soft and sparse brown mohair with wool felt boots and inner ears. She has German glass eyes, a hand embroidered nose, and lots of scissor sculpting and shading for her unique look. Her head is on a cotter pin joint, and her limbs are string jointed for for lots of cute poses. Flora is stuffed firmly with polyfil and steel shot for weight.

Teddy bear Teo
Teddy bear is made of viscose, filled with sawdust, weighted with granulate. Tinted with oil paints. Glass eyes. Clothing: cotton, corduroy, wool, silk ribbons.

Little Sessy Bear
Little Sessy Bear Height 6 cm (total height) Each seam is made by hand. His head, legs and arms are mobile. Filled sawdust and metal granulate Black eyes (German glass) The bear has a hat and a collar (can be removed). Decoration of clothes Japanese beads, silk, velvet, glass beads Please note the price is for one bear. The train is NOT for sale.

My First Teddy
First of all, they are for kids! A teddy bear to every child! It is a wonderful gift with a story for a newborn baby. Be sure that your gift will not be ignored, it will be stored for many years and remains in memory as the First Bear. Beautiful wooden box, package you need just to present it!

Fluffy bear boy
Here is my fluffiest Teddy Bear. I left him with more fur so his family could cut it if he’s ok with that. Teddy is also without a name. So this is another commitment for his lovely family. As you could probably see he is a bird lover that’s why he got a medalion with birds and a t-shirt with birds.

Lesya Haitova
Baby panda. Full height 13 cm, sitting 11 cm, alone is not worth it. The toy is made in a mixed technique. Facade plaster, polymer clay.

Misha & Masha (the price is for one bear)
Dreams Come True
Bears are dreamers, look at the stars and make wishes. Be sure to help your dream come true. Teddy bears are brown, hand-sewn from viscose on the author's pattern, stuffed with sawdust and wood wool, tinted with artistic oil and have a light pleasant smell of oatmeal cookies, mineral granulate pleasantly rustling in the tummy and can play the role of anti-stress, eyes (Germany), vintage wool scarves.

Teddy Bear "Margo"
Teddy whith love
It is sewn from a velor brown, smeared with oil paints, stuffed with a syntypus.

Calvin the Bear
Teddies by Anna Miretska
Delivery of works will be carried out from August 5 due to my vacation. Calvin the Bear was sewed of German mohair of four colors. Soft stuffing of the body and feet (granules, wool, sawdust, buckwheat hulls), the head is tightly stuffed with sawdust. Used glass eyes (painted by hand). I used fastening with five split pins for the movability of the legs and head.

Height is 3,7in (9,5 cm) one of a kind bear She can not stand alone. The upper paws are bend. Bear cub have own blanket Materials: smokey long pile, ministoff hand made romper with lace, fiber filler glass granulate, 5-way disk-jointed German glass eyes, glass and acrylic bears, cord, brooch tinting by pastel, hand made nose from FIMO.

Olena Ostapuk
The bear is made of hand-painted vintage plush. stuffed with sawdust and wood wool. for weighting used mineral granules. has 5 cotter pins. eyes glass. the jacket is made of cotton and aged. boots are made of genuine leather completely handmade. The bear has a toy that is made in a mixed technique of cloth and paper glue. The bear is not intended for children as it has small parts.

Joyful Teddies
Let me introduce you this beautiful little bear girl DAISE. She is kind and cheerful, loves to dress up in lace and hot chocolate This minibear completely handmade according to the technique of classic Teddy by the author's pattern. Despite the very small size due to the special joints the hands, legs and head can be turned. Materials used: antique viscose, sawdust, metal granulate, honey glass eyes. Embroidered nose.

Teddy Stories
Gretel is made by hand from snow-white German mohair, painted with pastels and oil paints. It is filled with sawdust, glass and metal granules. At Gretel all paws and a head are mobile, glass German eyes and an embroidered waxed nose. Height 22 centimeters, All clothes and made only from natural fabrics. Clothes : batiste, silk, cotton, beads, , glass beads, cotton threads for embroidery, gold vintage thread, wooden button..

"My Little World" by Anna Matveyeva
Bear sewn from plush, filled with sawdust, weighted with metal granulate, has 5 pins, nose fashioned from polymer clay, eyes-glass, tinted with art oil, shirt made of cotton.

Alvin sewn from velvet. The packing is sintepuh (hypoallergenic) and metal granulate. This small bear has a wooden stand made of pine.