Teddy bear mini height 10cm
Cute Teddy bear baby standing only 10 cm tall. Teddy bear minik a wonderful friend who can be always and everywhere with you! He is happy to give you my small but very loving heart. Little Charmer loves to be photographed. Materials: fur for minik, sawdust, 6 cotter pins, glass beads. Created in a smoke-free environment.

Kumana Arts
Ursula was sewn completely by hand. She is OOAK. Her height is 15 cm/6 inches. She can't stand. Ursula is made of good-quality German materials: beige viscose, first class German glass eyes, Mini Stoff German fabric on paws, cotton, silk. She has stiched nose, shaded face, stuffed with wood wool, sawdust, sheep wool (cleaned washed) and glass shot for the weight.

Teddy bear Braun
Bear Braun in vintage style. 5-way jointed. Height: 24 cm Materials: antigue plush Glass eyes. The nose is embroidered and covered with wax.

Bear Orange Very soft and gentle baby. He has a size like real little bear 80 sm tall! Sitting 55 cm. The body is on the skeleton, legs bend and the head rotates. Polymer clay teeth, tongue and nose. The bear could close and open the mouth, it has anatomicaly correct bear Pillows paws are made from suede andleather. The claws are molded of polymer clay, tinted.

Spring Blossom Bears and Bunnies
Hello, please meet Spirit. Spirit is a bear measuring in at 13.5" high. He is made from a multicolored synthetic fur that is white, gray and light brown. He has black glass eyes with lids, a glass nose and an embroidered mouth. His foot and paw pads are made from a silky soft fabric.

Goldie has been created using this stunning Sugar Brown Curly Dense Mohair, with Black Woolfelt padded pawpads. She stands at 7” tall. Goldie is filled with Tenderrubber Pellets, adding Steel Shot for her perfect weight. Her face features, I’ve lovingly placed Black Glass Eyes and sewn a Black Perle threaded Nose, with a touch of Varnish. Goldie is fully Cotterpin jointed, with a wobbly head joint.

Materials: porcelain, cotton, viscose. Filling: wool, granulate. The head is made of porcelain Artika. Bear arrives in a strong post box.

Teddy Bear
The bear is made of viscose made in Italy / France, the pads on the legs are made of mini-shtof. Eyes are glass. The nose is molded of self-hardening plastic. Head and feet on pin (movable). Filler holofiber, metal granulate for pleasant gravity. Tinted with acrylic paint. Independently not worth it. Bear height 9 cm sitting, standing 12 cm. Clothing set is knitted manually from mercerized cotton Coco. Clothes removed.

Teddy Bear, toy, artist teddy, handmade toy, gift, decor
This bear is 12cm (4,7 inches) of heigh. He made from viscose.

Bear in a frame with spikelets
Maria Andreeva (mamsik)
Mini bear in the technique of teddy in the form of a picture in a frame. A bear can be removed from a picture and pinned, for example, on a bag or curtains or a scarf ... a picture with embroidery can also be used separately ... Bear growth is 12 cm, frame size is 23x18cm. The frame can be suspended or stand on the table.

***I present to your attention the bear VITO in Italian, his name translates as lively. This bear will melt your heart! ***VITO is made of professional materials for making Teddy. His skin is German Shulte mohair, eyes of German glass, the nose is sewn from skin-toned bear oil laskami, full of soft acrylic, weighted with iron pellets.

Teddy bear Orange
Bright and charming kid's Orange sewn from vintage plush on a cotton basis for the author's pattern. Packed sawdust with a small amount of glass granules. Eyes German glass, the spout is fashioned from plastic and put on the glue. Clothing is tied by hand from yarn "Pekhorka children's". Clothing and shoes removed. All connections are movable.

Peppermint Paisley Plumover
Sweet Souls
"Peppermint Paisley Plumover" a tiny hand stitched teddy. . Peppermint is looking for home where she can be her true minty self! She may seem quiet but she has a mischievous side too. She loves to sleep in late in the morning, make mud pies, and color outside the lines. And that's just to start!

brown teddy in red hat
Cuddlesome Critters
Little teddy is made made from German viscose and has German glass eyes.

Teddy Viki
Kate is Kira's little sister. Teddy Panda made from viscose. Stuffed packing: sawdust, wood wool, metal granulate, buckwheat husk. Hand made nose from clay, glass eyes. Tinted oil paints on a wave basis, pastel.