LUI a OOAK bear, 18.5 cm in height , made of Italian viskose.

Brown bear Masya
Masya is sewn on my pattern, built under the guidance of Veronica Heck. The bear is made in the style of "nature", made of high quality artificial fur. Paws on disk mounts, reinforced with a plastic skeleton. Neck variable-disk fastening in two places. The body has a plastic skeleton. The mouth, nose and claws are made by me from baked plastic.

Bear Teddy is a bear gentleman, delicate and very educated!

Bears by Tanya Shkuropadskaya
Robin was made from vintage plush. Eyes is from glass. This teddy bear is stuffed with sawdust, wool, wood wool and weighted with glass granules. 5 cotters.

From the different countries I always give a small doll in national clothes because this reflection of culture of the people. The little bear Galya is made of vintage light plush. Eyes glass. Toning-art oil. Nose embroidery. Galya is dressed in traditional clothes an undershirt from thin batiste, a woven skirt, an apron, the blouse embroidered with a small cross.

Good bears by Elena Krylova
This bear is made of viscose, it is filled with sawdust and metal granules, 6 pins head on a double mount swinging, paws can move 360°.

Sarah Dunbar
16.5" bear in a chocolate brown mohair Dress designed by Cathy made from silk and antique lace Beautiful bear.

Michael bear
Michael bear sewn from natural plush and viscose. Heels ministop. Glass eyes, nose is molded by hand from plastic clay. stuffed with sawdust, weighted by metal granulate.

Artist Teddy Dog
I'm glad to show you my new job, a small dog named Bruno. Wonderful and cheerful, baby. Growth (size) 14 centimeters He will become a good friend for you, he is beautiful with an open heart! its size is small, it can always be near. he is sitting, not worth it. It is sewn from German viscose. The paws and head move. He wears a warm sweater and a scarf.

Rose Garden Toys
Joyful teddy Tommy shares a desk with Bunny Lucas in their forest school. They are real buddies and decided to wear a real disguise for their school Christmas party. Tommy bear will wear a bunny costume, while Lucas a bear costume. Isn't it fun? Tommy is a very ingenious bear and knows many riddles, poems, and games. He likes to race but is not always the first...

Teddy friends by Evgeniya Sidorenko
Teddy bear Jessieis made of nice German viscose.

Teddys By Katerina Bondarenko
Ted vintage teddy bear,hand made by me from:german cotton, supplied with sawdust,wood wool,stone chips and metal granulargerman eyes glass, palms and hells from felttinted with oil paints , head and feet are mounted on 5 cotter pins weight 300 grams, Ted has vintage ribbon. He stands well with support and can stand alone. Please note,he is not intended for games.

Misha pistachio
Artist teddy bear misha made of light pistachio green shade hand-dyed viscose. Misha wears vintage style collar made from cotton lace and soft green colour sateen ribbon. He is 6" tall and has 5 joints, stuffed with wood chips and metal granules. Eyes are made of glass. Hand-painted with acrylic paints. He can sit perfectly, stand with back support. . SHIPPING:. The bear will be sent via registered airmail small parcel.

Teddy Station
Gorgeous aged look Ridi Bear Made from Sparse Mohair As new

Anna Davidovich
Hello dears!!! It's Stesha! The bear is made of German viscose , has glass eyes , filled with sawdust, handles , legs , head movable . Cotton clothing. Stesha is looking for good hosts and a cozy home.