French teddy bulldog named Molly The growth of the toy is completely 23 cm /9 inches, the growth is sitting 19 cm\7.5 inches The dog is made in vintage style. Clothing and the toy itself are artificially aged. The toy is made using the technology of creating toys-teddy.

Teddy Bears by Olena Golovinska
Bubby is very kind Teddy Dog! He wants to find his family so much… Maybe he's waiting for you? The growth of the dog around 16 cm USED MATERIALS: German viscose EYES: German glass JOINTS: Fully 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and cardboard disks. FILLING: Sawdust and metal pellets.

Dog teddy
The dog is sewn by hand from Italian viscose. Inside there are sawdust and metal granules. Eyes are glass. Toning with artistic oil. Looking for a house!

Artist Teddy Dog
I'm glad to show you my new job, a small dog named Bruno. Wonderful and cheerful, baby. Growth (size) 14 centimeters He will become a good friend for you, he is beautiful with an open heart! its size is small, it can always be near. he is sitting, not worth it.

Fluffy dog
Fairy House Olesya Averina
Hey. Soon 2018 will come. And the symbol of this year is a dog. Look, what a charming, fluffy dog ​​wants to meet the new year with you. He will bring you happiness, luck and joy in the new year! It is sewn from several kinds of fluffy artificial fur.

Puppy Cavalier KING CHARL
Irina Victorovna Kotelnikova
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Teddy dog "Snoopy"
Marina Stepanova
Teddy dog "Snoopy". Height about 18 cm, 7,08". Can stand holding onto something for support, and sits down with pleasure. Sewn on my author's pattern. Made of viscose (Germany) hand color. Black glass eyes (Germany), plastic nose, paws and ears-cotton. Eyelids - wool.

dog Bead
Еmotional bears by Irina Voronina
His eyes all say for me:))) simple yard dog named the Ball, not lost still faith in good and patiently awaits his rights... Dog sewn from Schulte mohair, full of oak shavings and mineral granules. In the abdomen for softness a bit of rubber granulates.

Artist Teddy Dog OOAK Old style Vintage plush Handmade teddy bear
Teddy Dog This is a collection teddy toy and is a perfect gift for family or friends. All toys are made of high quality materials, such as vintage plush, viscose, cotton, silk.

Fashion Dog
ashion doggy in the red skirt.Will be your best friend :) She will also always advice you anything about fashion, because fashion is her profession :)) Adorable dog looking for her mom! Dog height is 35 cm standing, sitting 22 cm. Mixed technique, viscose + dry felting, stuffed with wool.

Bears by Tatiana Krivitskaya
Dog Caroline sewn from viscose Italy/France manual color. Its height is 5.91 inches, 7.48 inches vertically (sitting 15 cm, length 19 cm). Inside the sawdust and mineral granulate. Glass eyes handmade. Glass nose handmade. The head, hands and feet splintage mount. Rotate. Clothes made of cotton.

Height is 9 cm OOAK The upper paws are bend.