Dragon Teddy Golden (dragon Teddy Jaroslav)
Gorgeous Golden dragon Teddy Yaroslav from the family of magical dragons. Wonderful creation with a clever, kind and tender look, such amazing living eye, hand-painted! Vintage plush, opalocka coniferous trees and of course a piece of my Soul these are the materials from which I created the Gold dragon in a single instance for someone who deserves the best!

Baby Dragon
Teddy Trendy Bears
Baby Dragon is 27 cm height and 25 cm in sitting position. It has shebby ribbon with the real vintage buttons and the treasure chest key. The ceramic egg also belongs to this Dragon. (The crystals on the photo are not included). The head and legs are movable. There is wire inside of his arms ad legs. He can sit free, cannot stand.

Melvin with the Dragon
Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
Melvin was created from a German blue-colored maher on a dark base. It is a combination of classic and fantasy style and created exclusively for this show. Size 18 cm at full height and about 15 cm sitting. Natural wood sawdust filling, mineral granulate, holofayber. All fastenings on шплинтах, a head on double. Glass eyes frame the eyelids. The nose is fashioned from polymer clay, baked. Tinted with artistic paints and pastels.

The Prehistoric Ru Character
Let me introduce my wonderful dragon. Do not be afraid of his sharp teeth, in fact he is a real good-hearted and eats only eggs. The length of his body is 92 cm Materials: Suede, feathers, felt Inside fiberfill, handmade polimerplastic eyes, teeth, mouth, nose, fingers, claws, egg. His eyes are 100% handmade by my unique technique is "live eyes", they move inside and change the direction of the view.

Water Dragon
Olena Makeienkova
Water dragon, very cute fairy creature. Manufacture of viscose, artificial fur. Inside packaged hypoallergenic synthetic fluff The head and body are connected by the skeleton of Lockline Ears, fins are reinforced with copper wire. Body, tail can be gently bent. The head tilts in different directions. Tinted with artistic oil. Height 21cm Not suitable for children under the age of three. Not mine. Dry clean only.

Little dragon Swompy
"My Little World" by Anna Matveyeva
Newborn swomp dragons can not fly yet, but they are already too curious to stay on the ground.

Lilu Happy Baby Dragon
Hello, I am Lilu Happy Baby Monster. I am One of Kind Miniature Teddy Bear- Monster made by Aleksandra Jedyka – “HappyTeddy” I`m looking for someone who will adopt me. About me: I`m about 12 cm tall when standing . I`m made from brown XXL long pile and turquoise long pile shine sassy fabric. My pads are made from teal suede.

Bears by Nataly Yurinova
Height 28 cm, two types of Mohair, sawdust, granulate, wood wool, antique tape. He likes to taste icicles, when in fairy tales the dragon wins and;

Dragon of the Golden Wing
I am the Dragon of the Golden Wing, * My height is 3.54 inches (9 cm), including a tail of a total length of 19 cm (7.48 inches) Made of soft white fur (manufactured in Italy), * Wireframe Face, paws, ears are made of clay, * I have the most beautiful glass eyes Not suitable for small children small details., Delivery takes 6-20 days (depending on the country and customs).

Little dragon Dino OOAK teddy dragon Wings are removable. Materials: fabric for miniature, ministoff fiber filler, glass granulate german glass eyes, 5-way jointed hand made hooves from FIMO, pastel

Mini Dragon 'Merlin'
Wee Beary Tails Bears
Thank you for stopping by to meet my first mini Dragon from my new pattern little "Merlin" Designed & handmade by me Rachel Summersby of Wee Beary Tails. He is podgy, scruffy, he has a long tail, ultra suede wings, & a big grin, I hope you like him. He measures approx 6" tall when he is standing and 4" when sitting due to his design he does prefer to sit!

Eliot - Forest Miracle
Workshop toys Кaterina Prokhorenko
Excuse me for the translation. I hope the tale will understand and move you. The birth of cubs in the family of dragons is very welcome and joyous event. Because kids can appear only once in several hundred years. And this moment has come. All the dragon tribe watched in awe as quietly cracked the shell of shiny eggs.

Dragon Miranda.
Irina Kirichenko
Dragon Miranda.

Wally Butterfly dragon
Dear friends, let me introduce my new creation the Wally Butterfly Dragon. A small affectionate fluffy fairy tale animal, he seemed to have come from a magical forest. He keeps an old key. Who knows, maybe this is the key to the door to a magical land.

Dragon Ondriya OOAK
Dragon Ondriya is very special, her horns and beak are glowing in the dark. The height of Ondriya is 23 cm. She is weight 0,189 kilo. She is made from fluffy German alpaca and sassy . Her Beak and horns are sculpted from fluorescent polymer clay. Wings made from leather. The glass eyes are painted by hand. The body are on skeleton Lockline, he can be bent and tilted in different directions.