Easter bunny: realistic animal toy
Realistic Toys Store
Easter is coming soon, ready to celebrate? I present you the perfect decor for your home in the form of a cute Easter bunny of three main colors: gray, white, black. Rabbits stare absolutely realistic with bright glass eyes, long ears and even an Easter egg on a collar. The toy is made of faux fur of excellent quality, the ears are reinforced with wire.

Set gift plush toy "Easter Bunny". Teddy. White.
Realistic Toys from Irina
Set gift plush toy "Easter Bunny". Teddy. White. The set includes-gift box, wicker basket, Easter Bunny and Easter egg. Collectible toy, fully handmade. Cute, good-natured, funny animal. The toy is made of high quality artificial fur (Mouton), nose of platmass, eyes plastic, ears are reinforced with wire. Rabbit weighted granulate, it easily move his ears. "Easter Bunny" looks adorable he is looking for his master!

Rabbit Masya
Svetik Studio
On the most spring Easter holiday, rabbit Masya brought the children an basket with eggs, as a symbol of fertility and life. She is sewn of white antique plush and tinted with art oil and pastel. Stuffed with small wood sawdust with the addition of wool and mineral granulate. Eyes black glass, sewn with waxed thread, mustache from kapron thread. Paws embroidered with pink thread.

Musya, Easter Bunny
Rabbit sewn from delicate faux fur for toys.

Easter bunny Etienne
Lord Bears
Easter Bunny Etienne.

My Artist replica Alfonso.
Toys Anna Evgeneva
Let me introduce my replica of the world famous teddy bear Alfonso. Teddy bear with an extraordinary story. I continue to work on the pattern, perfecting it, based on the old images of Alfonso. Observe the necessary proportions. I use in my work materials like those of which Alfonso was made.

OOAK Teddy Bear Granby from Collection Eastern Townships.
Askarona stuffed collectibles
OOAK Teddy Bear Granby from Collection Eastern Townships. The Collection was inspired by Eastern Townships the region where I'm living now. What I can say about Granby? My beloved city! My love from the first sight since 2016. Here I'm living and working and loving. The brooch comes with the bear symbolized the beauty of the city and its uniqueness.

Simon Easter Bunny
He tries so hard, in such a hurry to bring you more fresh spring flowers and news of the feast of Easter.

Handmade soft elephant made of viscose is a great gift for Mother's Day, Easter
Irina's Teddies
Handmade elephant is an interesting decoration for your interior and a great gift for Mother's Day, Easter and Birthday. Handmade elephant from viscose and cotton, filler is sawdust. The elephant is dressed in a sweater, pants and hat. Head, arms and legs can move. An elephant can sit by itself. Brown color. Size: 18 cm. Materials: viscose, cotton, sawdust, metal granules.

Easter monster For Blythe doll toy Teddy bear Easter egg Home decor Mini teddy b
Pet Portrait by Katerina Makogon
Your little Easter monster hid in an egg made of papier mache.

Cobblestone Creations
This darling 3 inch bear is made of pure white mini bear fabric. She is 5 way cotter pin jointed at neck, shoulders and ankles and looks out onto the world with black glass eyes and horsehair eyelashes. Her nose is black needle felted wool and she has embroidered features. Her arms are wired. Her outfit is made of bright yellow short napped rayon velvet and white lace trims.

rustic bears
Larry rabbit Teddy, Easter Bunny And not only, it can and should be had both at Easter and for the mood all year round!Rabbit 22 cm without ears and ears 31 cm, rabbit sewn by hand from viscose, filled with sawdust, weighted with granulate, dressed in natural fabrics with embroidery, tinted pastel!Rabbit I love my job and hope you will love them!

`BB` Baby Bunny
Natasha Usacheva
100-150 years ago, in Thuringia (Germany) there were many factories of dolls. Many dolls became puppets and lived a great life. Some were less fortunate. Modern brave diggers find in the ground stocks of puppet heads, pens, legs. Modern masters give new life to old puppet details. Baby Bunny has an antique porcelain head, pens and legs. They are made 100 years ago at the factory Limbach (Germany).

Easter bunny Monika
Bear Rhymes
Bear Rhymes are happy to present a new rabbit, Monika! She is completely handmade from high quality German mohair, very soft and cuddly! She is fully jointed on five cotter pins and traditionally stuffed with wood wool , wool and steel shot. Her face is lightly shaded with pastels and oil paints. Monika is wearing a dress and a small hat with a ribbon.

Milla An Artist Bunny Bear 10% sale
britanniabears by Karen Elderfield
Milla is a casual style bunny made from hand dyed blush viscosewith complimentary cotton ear linings. Milla is softly filled with a combination of wood wool, fibrefil and steel shot for a tactile feel. She has English glass eyes and is five way cotter pin jointed. Hand shading and embroidered claws and nose finish her appearance. A ruffle tied with ribbon is her only embellishment. . . Was £50.00 ....