The Easter Bunny
Adult childhood of Olga Kulemina
The toy is handmade. The Easter Bunny. If you are looking for unique Easter decorations, I think my rabbit is suitable. Will be an excellent gift for Easter for Your loved ones. Toy made in the technique Teddy and felting needles. Standing tall with ears 30 cm. Head and legs are movable.

Teddy by Lena Volodko
Lillian is a gentle and naive bunny. She looks at the world with wide-open eyes. She believes in kindness. Sewn from Italian dairy plush. Inside the wooden sawdust, 5 cotter pins, metal and glass granulate. The inside of the ears and heels are sewn from a pink plush.

Easter bunny Bernie
Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
Bunny Bernie 29 cm without ears and 34 cm full-length with ears, created from high-quality English fur, imitation suede, polymer clay. All fastenings on cotter pins, head on double fastening, all paws are reinforced, can bend in joints.

Easter Bunny
Victoria Ivanova

Vintage Bunny
The Vintage Teddy Bunny is a juvenil bunny who looks for the house and the loving mummy who gives this name to the bunny. The 16 cm tall bunny was made of German viscose painted manually. The structure of the bunny was fixed on 5 forelocks.

Amanda teddy bunny
Elena Volchkova
Amanda is tenderness bunny! She loves to play hide and seek in the rose bushes. She loves herbal tea and poetry. Bunny's left paw and head are unique embroidered with cotton thread, silk ribbons and beads. Rabbit has a unique medallion in the form of roses with drops of dew.

`BB` Baby Bunny
Natasha Usacheva
100-150 years ago, in Thuringia (Germany) there were many factories of dolls. Many dolls became puppets and lived a great life. Some were less fortunate. Modern brave diggers find in the ground stocks of puppet heads, pens, legs. Modern masters give new life to old puppet details.

Easter Bunny
Jane Teddies World
Bunny made from viscouse, filled with sawdust and granular, head and feet moving. Cotton overall.

Bunny Sugar
Hello, please meet bunny "Sugar" He is, above only the ears, 6 way jointed, double jointed neck. You can pose him any way you would like. Shading done on his face. This little baby is hand sewn by my own patterns Made from plush.

Easter bunny Monika
Bear Rhymes
Bear Rhymes are happy to present a new rabbit, Monika! She is completely handmade from high quality German mohair, very soft and cuddly! She is fully jointed on five cotter pins and traditionally stuffed with wood wool , wool and steel shot.

Bear Rhymes
Bear Rhymes are happy to present Easter Bunny Monika! Monika is completely handmade of high quality German mohair and fully jointed on 5 cotter pins. She is traditionally stuffed with wood wool, wool and steel shot. Her face is lightly toned with pastels and oil paints.

- 15.5 cm of tenderness, melancholy, love and warmth... Little heartwarming rabbit tail on the plump butts) Plush cozy baby. Wool, sawdust, sea pebbles and 6 splints. Silk ribbon. Oil paint tinted, delicately aged. Can it stand - only sitting model. Haight (sitting) 15.