USD 570.25
Emma is a real model, she participated in the largest Teddy Bear Show in the world, the Teddy Total in Münster. She was my showpiece. Emma is made of soft plush and is completely jointed, so you can move her arms, legs, and head. Her paws and ears are from felt. She wears a cute little romantic dress with old lace and pearls sewn on it.

Emma - teddy bear
Elena Volchkova
USD 150.00
Emma is one of a kind artist bear made from viscose. Height 3,94 inch (10 cm). Materials: Viscose, german black eyes, 5 way discs /cotterpins joint. Stuffed with wool, metall pellets in a bump. The head and arm of the bear are embroidered with silk ribbons, сotton thread and beads. The nose and a mouth are embroidered. It is tinted by pastel.

USD 55.00
Hello, my friend!

Sweet couple (Lucas and Emma)
USD 170.00
This is the sweetest couple in the world.

Astra teddy
USD 47.60
Teddy bear Emma was sewed from German viscose Schulte , filled with sawdust and metal granules. Eyes made of beads. Bear size 11.5 cm ( 4.52 inches). The head and paws on the pins are movable. I send my work in a gift box. The parcel is being tracked. The bear can sit alone. Artificially aged. The collar is made of cotton. The bag is made of cotton and embroidered with glass-cloth.

Olena Ostapuk
USD 125.00
Her name is Emma. The tail is made of vintage plush. eyes glass. toning oil paints and pastels. 5 cotter pins. filled with sawdust.

Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
adopted USD 200.00
Spring is coming and I have this little girl, Emma was born, I hope you will like it as well as I do.

adopted USD 200.00
Emma made of artificial fur, height 31 centimeters. Eyes from black german glass. Has eyelids. All parts of the body may move. Hands and feet on the iron frame, can change shape. Muzzle haircut and tinted with oil paints. The nose is made of polymer clay, decorating skin. Padding padding polyester and steel shot. Emma author, collector bear. She has the author's passport.

Bears by Nataly Yurinova
adopted USD 250.00
Height about 40 cm, mohair, sawdust, wood wool, granules. Likes to collect red and yellow leaves when talking about amazing birds and, creamy cakes with chocolate)

Sarah Dunbar
adopted USD 150.39
A 17" OOAK artist bear by Kim Gallimore Made from a long faux fur in greys, wearing a necklace and matching hairclip.

My First Teddy
adopted USD 69.00
First of all, they are for kids! A teddy bear to every child! It is a wonderful gift with a story for a newborn baby. Be sure that your gift will not be ignored, it will be stored for many years and remains in memory as the First Bear. Beautiful wooden box, package you need just to present it!

Emma's Bears
adopted USD 307.84
Palace is a delicate little lady. She has been made from one of our brand new custom designed curly kid mohair fabrics in a soft whipped cream colouring with pretty lavender purple tips. We've used one of our older designs to create this little fellow which gives a really interesting juxtaposition between the old-style shape and the modern colouring.

Emma's Bears
adopted USD 485.95
This quirky little lady is something a bit different from us here at Emma's Bears. We decided to experiment with proportion, and have given little Suki-Lou a rather cartoon-like over sized head. This means that she ends up looking quite cub-like, which is so sweet when also paired with her lovely hand-dyed rainbow alpaca fur.

Emma's Bears
adopted USD 647.87
This gorgeous big squishy bear is 'Fisher'. He has been made using a reduced version of our 'Jumbo' pattern which gives us the very cute exaggerated proportions of our original Jumbo design, but in a slightly smaller (but still quite generously size) bear. Fisher is made from a piece of our hand-dyed super curls Schulte mohair (very dense, tightly curled and an unusual stormy sky colouring).

Emma's Bears
adopted USD 307.84
Arturo is something a little bit different for us here at Emma's Bears. We haven't attempted a bear with sculpted claws in many many years, as we didn't trust the integrity of standard polymer clay when shaped into tiny pointed pieces. This time we've used a much stronger sculpting medium which has provided a fantastically durable end result. Arturo has been made using our cute and chubby Sugar design.

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