Russian fairy tale
Galina Khalikova
This is a Russian fairy tale “Three bears”. The bears are mother (10,4 inches, or 26 cm), father (10,8 inches, or 27 cm) and a son (8,4 inches, or 21 cm). They will become a great present for a birthday, a wedding or an anniversary. The bear family is very kind, cozy and sincere. They’ll bring happiness to your home! Sewn from Italian honey viscose, filled with metal granulate and softwood.

goat Agasha and teddy bear
Pogorelaya Daria
Grandma Agasha knows a lot of fairy tales, and all the animals of the forest come to listen to her stories. Made of high quality artificial fur Italy Eyes glass handmade. Hooves and horns are made of polymer clay. 4 disc connections, in the legs-hands installed plastic skeleton Germany Filled with rubber granulate, wool.

Teddy Bear, from the collection of "love story" toy that loved and cherished! This toy is as old book, reading which we plunge into the world of old fairy tales from my childhood:  That came the same day that was waiting for a little girl with lovely blue eyes and provocative curls. Yes, on that day she had promised to have bear, which she promised to love and cherish.

The toys series "Alice". Materials: German viscose, vintage plush, cotton, felt, sawdust.

Marine Bear
Elena Volchkova
Sea breeze fairy tender and affectionate little bear girl. OOAK bear made from viscose. Height 6,5 inch (16,5 cm) Materials: viscose, glass black eyes, 5 way discs /cotterpins joint. Stuffed with sawdust. Teddy bear has a soft tummy, filled with sawdust and rubber granules. The dress can be taken off. The spirit of the sea in every detail.

fox Irene Adler
A beautiful fox is like an old fairy tale. She is very fond of communication, very beautifully sits and decorates the world around her. All body chambers move on cotter pins. Legs to the knees are made of papier-mache by hand, painted with acrylic paints. The fox is sewn from professional materials, used mohair and lace of manual coloring, in its suit the finest fabrics, silk tapes are used.

Teddy Bears by Olena Golovinska
Bear Marshmallow Noel .

My beloved grandmother. OOAK
Caring, kind. Grandma knit Christmas hats and scarves for the grandchildren and she reads the fairy tale. Standing height 24,5 cm, sitting height 18 cm.

Please meet Susanna...
Teddy by Nadezda Uibopuu
Small bunny from viscose, stuffed with sawdust and steel granules, has 5 way disk joints, glass eyes. Fully sewn by hand. Thank you for visiting!

LuckyBearsShop by Inna Kuznetsova

Owls Owlets
She is not a baby, but a miniature owl. Growth of 14 cm, and age ... to ask is not decent, she is a lady all the same) The owl can moves her head and wings, she can stand, but her weight light as a feather, so the she's afraid of the wind. And yet she does not like water, she protects her smoky-gray feathers on the wings and tail.

Bear Fisherman and goldfish
Teddy and Friends
…When he cast his net for the third time, One fish was all that he landed, No common fish, though, but a goldfish… A. Pushkin. This teddy bear is a hero of a fairy tale about a goldfish. Bear sewn by hand on my author's pattern. The boat, the oars and the net are made by hand too.

Bird Dodo from "Alice in Wonderland"
Fairy House Olesya Averina
Do you like the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland"? I really love. And I also love all the characters in this tale. Bird dodo is a very charismatic bird. This is not the main character, but a very beautiful and recognizable image. It is sewn from a Japanese mohair with a long, wavy pile. The head is fashioned from baked plastic. Glass eyes hand-painted.

Favorite fairy tales
Lysi Toy
Favorite fairy tales ..! Teddy bear vintage style Viscose Excelsior and mineral granulat Glass eyes Cotton 100% handmade Thank you and have a nice day..!

Valentine's Day Fairytale Masha and the Bear Animalistic gift Gift for her Art doll Teddy bear Couple in love Primitive doll For home Decor
Pet Portrait by Katerina Makogon
This is a happy couple in love Teddy Bear and primitive doll Masha in the old Russian fairy tale "Masha and the Bear". If one in a pair allows another to climb on his head this is exactly love. And this will definitely be a great gift for Valentine's Day. Bear teddy of artificial fur with natural pile of alpaca. Filling: sheep wool, sawdust, metal granules.