teddy bear Gianni
Artist teddy bear, red teddy bear girl in the dress a sweet plush toy, collectible bear in a single specimen, the best gift for a girl, a romantic gift for lovers. Teddy bear is called Gianni, her height is 7.9 ih / 20 cm The toy is made of vintage plush, artificially aged. The bear is filled with sawdust and granulate. The paws and the head of the toy rotate.

Odessite bear
I present you true gentleman from the shores of the bluest Black Sea – young bear from Odessa! Fantasy teddy bear with a little vintage elements. He can be with you wherever you want – at home, at work or in travel. His small size allows you to put the bear into a bag, and you`ll get a piece of Southern heat and sun with you.

Happy to introduce my new teddy bear Audrey .

ALFREDO THE SWAMI mohair fortune teller, swami
Klintzfamily Bears
ALFREDO THE SWAMI, mystic, fortune telling teddy bear and magic gazing ball circus bear mystic clown. Teddy bears aren’t just for beds tops and toy rooms anymore. In this day and age, some bears can even tell your fortune. Horriblescopes and Parrot (tarot) cards are for chumps and sissies. The carnival coming is long way off and what about this new hunk-of-burning-love you’re seeing….

Teddy Red rabbit
A fairy red hare.

One of a kind artist bear, made from German Schulte luxe mohair. Face: Hand needle felting, Glass eyes, Glass granulate. 100% hand made!

Musical bear Zhostov
Fairy House Olesya Averina
Hello, today a new, very unusual and beautiful musical bear from the series "Belly with a picture" Very gentle, interesting and with blue eyes. His name is Zhostov, since on his stomach there is an image with elements of Zhostovo painting. The color layer is very rare. It is made of an ancient, strong silk plush with manual contrast. The bear has a beautiful picture on his stomach.

These are the two inseparable friends of Tinky and Pinky. Tinka’s height is 47 cm, he has 4 connections, inside there is a filler for toys, sea pebbles for weight and sawdust in the legs. Tinky, a very unusual bear for my creations. This is a fantasy, bright bear, with a kind soul and a little sad look.

Irina Vasileva
Teddy-bear Finik Handmade from false-fur (Germany) and ministof. Stuffed with excellent quality sawdust and metallic granules. Neck is decorated with silk ribbons and handmade flower.

Bear Teddy is a bear gentleman, delicate and very educated!

OOAK Teddy bear Cowberry by Ilona Fralova
Bears with FrаLOVE
Cowberry is an unusual bear that will bring to your house a spirit of magic. The neck of the bear is decorated with an antique metal pendant.

Bear cub NIKA She height is 23cm, in sitting position 19 cm The bear is made by hand of mohair sheep wool Helmbold. The head and the body are joined to the backbone (dollarmature) which helps the bear to take many positions. Its pillows on the paws are made of miniature fabrics. The nose is embroidered. The filling material is fiberfill and mineral pellets. .

zuzu_teddy by Elena Zubrylava
When buying a teddy bear Arthur, a teddy elephant Bonny or a teddy elephant Dorothy get Gosha as a gift!!! The offer is valid as long as there is Gosha!!!!! Gosha is a little Dragon. It's made of viscose, inside sawdust and sea pebbles. Gosha has glass eyes, embroidered nose. The toy is tinted with oil paints. It's fully jointed and can move its arms, feet, head.

Teddy's friends
The Swan is made of mohair. Seat height is 6.69 inches. (height 17 cm). Filled with sawdust and glass granulate in the stomach. Glass eye.

Crazy panda Lucky
NatalKa Creations
Crazy panda Lucky is sewn from plush. Lucky has black glass eyes and felted nose.