Fashion Dog
USD 165.00
Fashion doggy with hearts in the red skirt.Will be your best friend She will also always advice you anything about fashion, because fashion is her profession) Adorable dog looking for her mom! The hoop with hearts is removed Dog height is 35 cm standing, sitting 22 cm. Mixed technique, viscose + dry felting, stuffed with wool. 5 cotter pins. Dog cannot stand itself, is weighted by a metal granulate. Leather boots.

Rose Garden Toys
USD 120.00
Everyone says that Irma is a fashionista. I'm not sure... She is subscribed to fashion magazines, regularly goes to fashion shows... can say a lot about today's trends... but Irma is very shy and modest. she enjoys poetry and playing the piano. It's just the girl has great taste and proper manners.

OOAK Teddy elephant Goldie
USD 214.64
OOAK Elephant Teddy Goldie reflects the fashion trends of the "Roaring Twenties" 1920s. Goldie created by the author's pattern of Italian viscose hand dyeing. Filled with sawdust, has 5 splinter joints (head, arms and legs). Glass eyes. Tinted with oil paints. Goldie outfit consists of a dress with a low waistline and deep neckline front and back.

Steampunk bear Mitchell
USD 243.29
Noble bear looks like he has come to us from the pages of some steampunk book, from the epoch of steam-powered machinery, fashion of Victorian England and urbanistic entourage. Classical teddy-bear pattern, forms and proportions emphasize style and character of true gentleman. 27 cm tall. Materials: German mohair, sawdust and mineral granules inside boot`s button and little bell – as eyes, 5 joints pastel tinted, strongly aged.

White bear Teddy nature mini
USD 49.00
Polar bear sewn from faux fur Shulte, Germany. Bear length from nose to tail 12 cm, height about 7 cm. Paws on the splint mounts and have a wire frame. Paws bend. In the body of the bear is also a wire frame. Bear sewn in the style of still life. The author of the patterns Veronica Check.

Hedgehog boss
USD 130.00
Hedgehog in a coat with a briefcase. Very important hedgehog boss He hurries on his hedgehogs deals, and having such a hat and a fashion coat he is not afraid of autumn cold. The height of 21 cm. It is made of wool by the method of dry felting. Glass eyes. Coat, wool-wet felting. Leather briefcase. Boots are made of polymer clay. Hat made of fur, imitation of hedgehogs. .

Mother and son
Tatiana Zelenkova
USD 150.00
Sold by a pair. Mom: size 24cm (9,5") standing and sitting 18cm (7"). Son: size 16cm 9(6,25") standing and 12cm(4,75") sitting. Symbol of protection and care. Everything, as in life. Very important: mother, take care of your son. Son, take care of your mother ... . Mohair and German viscose, 6 cotter pins. The eyes are German glass. Tinted with art oil and panpastel. Pined with cedar sawdust, wool. Weighed down by mineral granules.

Bunny Marshmallow
USD 62.74
My motto is "Every bunny on the wardrobe"!

Snowball Bunny.Snowball a white rabbit .Handmade toys.
USD 50.00
Snowball is an abandoned rabbit and the primary antagonist of The Secret Life of Pets and a major character in the incoming sequel. He is the formerly leader of an animal gang, The Flushed Pets. When he led The Flushed Pets, he despised the domesticated pets of New York and their owners.

Artist bear Jane
USD 250.00
Meet Jane.

Mini pig Lili
USD 43.00
This cute pig will be best gift for you and your family at this year. Symbol is a new year 2019. This pig hand stitched on my author's pattern. It's pocket vintage pig. It was made from German viscose light pink. Eyes from glass. This pig was stuffed with synthetic, metallic granules and part of my soul. Removable knitting cotton dress. 5 mounts Hands, feet, head on cotter pins, move.

Teddy bear
USD 180.00
Free shipping from Norway! my own pattern, one of a kind each stitch is made by hand, vintage plush handmade glass eyes, five way jointed stuffed with sawdust, from a non-smoking home. Completely hand sewn using my own pattern. Hand sewn clothes. Clothes have 2 layers so they look good on the inside as well, and have been slightly artificially aged. Shoes are non-removable (leather + clay). Dry clean only!

Miss Marple
USD 200.00
OOAK. Agatha Christie is one of my favourite authors, and I was inspired by the Miss Marple books to create this teddy. I have tried to capture her personality and her observing eyes which never miss a clue! She is ready for a new home, maybe a new mystery awaits? Completely hand sewn using my own pattern. Made with vintage plush, unique glass eyes and hand sewn clothes.

Teddy bear
USD 160.00
Another bear from my new collection... was shown at the exhibition in Münster... my own pattern, one of a kind each stitch is made by hand, vintage plush handmade glass eyes, five way jointed stuffed with sawdust, from a non-smoking home. 22 cm tall. Completely hand sewn using my own pattern. Hand sewn clothes.

Teddy bear
USD 165.00
Free shipping!!