Stitch is a small bear, 8.5cm/just over 3 inches.

I would like to introduce Winnifred a traditional teddy ready for afternoon tea with the ladies. . She is 13in (34cm) from feet to the top of her head (not including hat). She is made from a combination of Steiff-Schulte honey gold mohair and mink patterned faux fur (coat and hat) complete with matching ultra suede foot and paw pads. She is fully jointed;

ostrich kid bird
Realistic Pets Soft Toys
This ostrich kid bird was born as a result of a creative marathon in which he became the winner. This toy combines many different techniques, this exclusive. The head and body are made of faux fur, and filled with synthetic filler. Faux suede neck and legs are filled with natural wool. He can open and close his glass eyes thanks to the mobile eyelids.

Margie's Bears and Creations

Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
Ohin a little panda, can bring you a lot of joy and love. Created from natural sheep wool muton and faux fur, paw pads of faux suede. All fastenings on cotter pins, head on double fastening. Сombined stuffing, holofiber, glass granulate, metal granulate. Polymer clay nose. Glass eyes can open and close. The skirt is removed.

Caracal (Persian lynx)
Elena Stanilevici
The Caracal, also called Persian lynx or African lynx, is a wild cat. Caracals are similar to lynxes, but more related to the Serval. Caracals are the fastest of the small cats. Soft sculpture. Instead of a neck joint, a lockline running from head down its spine. Incredibly, taxidermy realistic glass eyes (Germany) with genuine leather and faux eyelash make an incredibly alive look in his eyes.

Mr Mortimer Rat
Bertie Sweedlepipe Bears
Lovely Mort is created from blue with grey under, faux fur, he has purple lower legs and arms.

Teddys By Katerina Bondarenko
Virginia vintage teddy bear,hand made by me from:mohair, supplied with sawdust, wood wool, stone chips, metal granularshe has eye glass, palms and heels faux suede tinted with oil and pastel , the head and feet are mounted on 5 cotter pins 500 gr. weight, Virginia is dressed in a cotton dress, which is decorated with applique and shell.

Lorian, white lemur
I designed this lemur and created it of finest Schulte faux fur. It's completely hand-sewn. Paws are made of suede and needle sculpted. Glass eyes were painted and then eyelids were sculpted of apoxie clay. Muzzle was needle-felted and toned with oil paints. Ears are wired and can change the position.

Lion Valerian
Pogorelaya Daria
Made of faux fur. Glass eyes, 5 disk mounts.

▫️ the Puppy is sewed from faux fur.

She had a dream, had a goal. But life is unpredictable and she had to make a difficult and necessary choice. Does she regret? Does she long for the past? Is she happy now?

Hello teddy bear collector....I’ve just completed this beautiful Teddy Bear and she is ready to meet her new family. Alice is a OOAK made is German Mohair and faux suede paw pads. She is a Panda style Teddy Bear in rich black and deep pink. 5 way jointed and filled with Polyester and plastic beads in her tummy. Black glass eyes and a hand stitched nose and mouth.

Larisa Vasylieva
45 cm height(with ears), about 27 while sitting . Faux fur plush "Steiff-Schulte" (white, gray, yellow,), artificial suede; 5 ways cotter pin jointed; glass eyes;. Filling: fiberfill, glass and silicon granules (pellets). Special stuffing creates an effect of real animal(more delicate and soft). Bell sewed into chest that makaes "Heartbeat effect". Tinted with oil. My author's pattern(сreator's stamp included), completely handmade!

Plush Toy "Sloth Sid" from the cartoon "Ice age". Teddy.
Realistic Toys from Irina
Plush toy "sloth Led" from the cartoon "Ice age". Teddy, a collectible toy, completely handmade. Cute, good-natured, funny animal. The toy is made of high quality faux fur. Inside his body is a skeleton. Nose, teeth and fingers (claws) of polymer clay. The paws of the animal are made of artificial suede. Led sloth is reinforced with wire: it easily moves its legs and head.

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