Pizza Bon-Bon
Pizza Bon-bon is 6.7 inches tall (14 cm) sitting, and 7.5 inches (19 cm) standing). Independently not worth it.

Elena Malinina
Holly is waiting for new home!

Elly, app 14'/35cm tall Elephant.

Grandma Agatha
Teddy by Mila Khrystynchenko
Grandmother is waiting for her grandchildren to her farm to treat with fresh milk and eggs. Sewn from a wonderful look on velvet of ancient plush. Cotton dress and shawl, muslin apron. She has a key to storerooms with food and a clothespin just in case. Sold with a bucket and a basket. Inside sawdust, wood wool, steel granulate, 5 cotter pins and wheels, the eyes of the English glass.

Unnamed Rabbit.
Bearmore Bears
A Standing Rabbit ready to hop into some ones heart... He is ready to be named and homed. made from a super soft medium pile beige faux fur and complimented by a mustard Alcantra Ultrasuede. He is 5 way jointed and steel disc weighted. Stitched nose with shading, needle felted mouth and teeth. Ears have armature inside for positioning to give him different looks.

Bear Mozart
Maria Andreeva (mamsik)
Special bear for music travel. In one month, he managed to visit St. Petersburg, Belarus, Warsaw and Vienna ... a ride on the Sapsan fast train, over 1300 km by car in Belarus and Poland, by plane and return to Moscow!

Snow Leopard Gruff
Empiria Dolls
Snow Leopard Gruff is a bit lazy and slow. Instead of fun games, he prefers interesting dreams and delicious food. Charming, unpretentious and does not require excessive attention. Pattern: 40 parts Stitched: plush, EKO suede, wool Full: sintepon and granulate The attachment of the limb splintage (goes round in 360•) Front hands has a sceleton (can bend). Every finger, ears and tail can bend too.

Homeless Kitten Brad
The kitten Brad is the younger brother of a kitten of Di Di. When Di Di was taken away Brad has run away from a shelter and it was lost. Without having found the road back he remained on the street. He steals to himself food and waits for the warm house. He very much needs love and caress.Clothing can be removed.

Tectum naguarum
Do you remember the dog's eyes when it's begging for chocs? It's looking at you so appealing. But doesn't take the food. Because No! This dog resembles me so much. When I'm on diet and can not eat sweets. You can see the marshmallow near the dog. It is from my favourite cake-shop and it's decorated by the mint leaf.

Cub bear Molli
Mila Karamisheva
Molly likes to eat. Is there enough food in your house to feed such a fat man? The baby is made of soft, very thick fur. Eco-friendly weighted with mineral granulate. The neck is very mobile. The head can tilt to the side, lower and raise it. The kid knows how to lie down, stand on four legs.

Big winking fox Basilio and his chick Coco
Big winking fox Basilio 17in (44 cm) and his chick Coco 6in (15cm) by Natalia Tolstykina (NatalyTools) OOAK Chick is an orphan, of which a good fox cares. This is not food!. Materials: German synth.

Teddy bear Apolinarija
ImBear by Ina Smirnova
OOAK Teddy bear Apolinarija made by ImBear (Ina Smirnova). She is sewn from german medium dense, straight mohair. Sawdust and mineral pellets inside. Glass eyes, nose is embroidered. 5 way jointed with cotter-pins and disks. Shaded with oil paints. Accesorised with silk ribbons and cross-stitch embroidered belly and forehead. The embroidery is russian sacred doll and it is a talisman means that enough food, well maintained home and prosperity.

New house. Swallows.
Wool friens by Elena Lebedeva
As messengers of winter can be called bullfinches, so messengers of spring can be called Swallow. My composition is called "New house". I want to tell you a little about this bird that inspired me: Swallows a "children of air", sit on the ground very rarely and reluctantly.

little lover of tasty food and treat friends) irreplaceable helper in the kitchen ...

Hattie the Kitty Waitress
MaxiLynn Bears
Hattie works in a posh tea rooms where you have to book months in advance to acquire a table. She is extremely good at her job but can often be found slobbering when she smells the customers’ food being cooked. Then she has to be really good at her job because she has to get the food to the tables without licking it.

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