Inhaled the air of Russian field, he is free as the wind, ready to settle down in a cozy warm house.

Fox Emit
Irina Kirichenko
Meet a new character a Fox by the name of Emit.Totally new job for me.Sewn from viscose hand color.Pastel toned.Only can sit.Fully stuffed sawdust + metal granulate-very tight.Eyes from glass.

This Teddy Fox Alice was made from vintage plush and viscose material. The structure was fixed on 5 forelocks and the eyes are German glass material.

foxes of Horace
fox Horace likes to sit in a chair and shares his memories of his youthsewn from viscose, filled with sawdust, mineral granulate, eyes are glass, toning with oil author's work.

Lucky Fox
"My Little World" by Anna Matveyeva
The youngest of the Fox-brothers the famous farmer's family in LittleWorld. There is a black sheep in every flock. As for Lucky, he's vegan. He also does yoga every day and plays the ukulele, which is considered unusual behaviour for foxes in LittleWorld. Materials: vintage plush (painted with oil); polymer clay; glass eyes; cotter pins; filled with wood sawdust and metal granulate. Clothing cotton.

Fox Danny and Donna
Teddy by Tatiana Fedorova
Merry Christmas and happy New year!

Papa and son Foxes
Anna Bratkova
Papa and son Fox Only once, 3 years ago, I sewed a fox, but she looked like a rat) But I am very pleased with these foxes, I like them! .

Fennec fox
Empiria Dolls
Absolutely wonderful baby foxes, so soft and movable, each fennec with his own character. The foxes are made of German plush, stuffed with sintepon and sawdust, weighted with granulate, also inside the body there is a skeleton that allows the head to take various poses. Ears and tail are bend. Paws on splintage connection, eyes glass, a nose from a polymeric clay. The effect of a "live" mustache.

A family of foxes
A family of foxes Material: vintage plush. Eye: glass. Filler: wood chips and metal granulate. Attachments: 6 studs. Toning: oil paints.

Family foxes
Wool friens by Elena Lebedeva
Family foxes: Santa Claus, snow maiden, snowflake, sled Boy and girl on skates. Toys a small size. Toys are designed as decoration on the Christmas tree.

Chanterelle Charlize :))
Olga Sheogoleva
Hello, my dear friends :-) I am glad to see you. Today I will acquaint you with chanterelle the girl. Her name of Charlize. She doesn't eat chicken and a hare. She loves tangerine juice with ice I hope to you Charlize will be pleasant??. Materials for creation of chanterelle:.

Maya the Fox
Teddies by Anna Miretska
Maya is the only one of its kind! I crafted Maya by hand, carefully, with love and attention to every detail, in a single copy by my own author's pattern. I sewed Maya of Italian viscose and vintage plush. I stuffed her with sawdust, added glass beads in the lower legs and abdomen, used glass eyes, minishtof on the feet.

Mr Fox
Mr Fox made from limited mohair, have felted nose and eyelids. He wear cotton trousers, silk vest with cotton lining and coat. He has hand made case with him. And hand-made leather boots. All clothes may be undressed. Made from a german mohair., Filled with sawdust, 100% wool and mineral granules. Felted nose., Glass eyes. Fix: 5 joints., 22 cm (8,6 inch) . All patterns of my toys are engineered by me.

Teddy Animals
Little and bright Philippe, just like a bug. He likes climbing trees and hiding in the bushes. Sewn from a vintage plush, inside the sawdust. Eyes are glass. Hand embroidery. The dress is removed.

Fox. Collection "Totem"
Foxes symbolize camouflage, observation, adaptability, cunning, family, travel, oneness, shape-shifting, wisdom and invisibility. Teddy Fox created from German viscose, hand-color, full of sawdust. His eyes are glass, hand-painted. Pants and shirt made of cotton. Scarf knitted from viscose yarn.