Teddy Bears by Olena Golovinska
A very friendly and cheerful bear.

Little prince Teddy bear
 I believe that this teddy bear will become someone's true friend, this is the work that you want to have with you and share your leisure with it. If you peer into his eyes, you can see kindness and a expectation.  I'm glad that he came out just like that.

Fluffy bear boy
Here is my fluffiest Teddy Bear. I left him with more fur so his family could cut it if he’s ok with that. Teddy is also without a name. So this is another commitment for his lovely family. As you could probably see he is a bird lover that’s why he got a medalion with birds and a t-shirt with birds.

Elena Stanilevici

Brizo the Friendly Cheetah
Seamore Collectbles
By Penney M. 5 inches (12.7 centimeters). Hello Bear Friends, My name is Brizo and I'm a happy yellow leopard. I think I look like a sweet teddy bear but have whiskers (which you can not see). I would love to venture out of the jungle and into a new family. I am made from a two different types of lovely white imported plush.

hedgehog Patrick
Galina Khalikova
Look at this cute creation!

chocolate cake
My bear Treasures
One of a kind artist bear is sewn from high quality faux fur.

Klintzfamily Bears
the style: Creamy Cottage GLAM. PRIMITIVE PRAIRIE SOFT Tessa was created from mohair in a long, creamy, wavy, beige.  This lovely fur pairs beautifully with this shabby vintage dolls dress, lace, velvet and tinsel and glamorous jewels, making Tessa a must-have for any classic glamorous room or vanity. PROM NIGHT GLITZ Tessa's prom night styling is the perfect canvas for glam.

Anteater in a hoody
Teddy Trendy Bears
This Anteater is very handy and friendly. His lifestyle is very comfortable, light and simple, that is why I gave him a hoody ) It cannot be removed. He is looking for his "anthill" :-). It is 20 cm height and 15 cm in sitting position. The head and legs are movable. There is wire inside of his arms ad legs.

Mila Karamisheva
Christopher stitched Italian fur. 5 way jointed.Jointed neck. Jaw has a special design. Her mouth opened.The jaw is fixed in several positions. The legs have a plastic skeleton Lock-Line . Very mobile, can be bent in different side. Nose and claws are made of plastic. Material: wool, Lock-Line, granulates, sawdust, synthetic padding.

Baby panda - Bao
artFromSib - toys by Yana M
This is the baby panda) His name is Bao! He is so cute and friendly! looking for a home! Standing Height 16cm. He can sit perfectly, stand with back support. Fixing paws and muzzle on the cotter pin, It is sewed of German plush It is filled by the synthetic fiber, granulate, a polyester hypoallergenic fill., All bears are sewn in a house where there is no smoke. SHIPPING:.

Little traveler from Peru, Teddy Bear, 7 inches (18 centimeters)
I think this cute friendly bear is recognizable at first sight! Little friendly bear-traveler from the second part of the film "Paddy-2". This time the bear is smaller, and has a changeable set of clothes, pink striped clothes prisoner, exactly like in the movie! The Teddy bear is sewn entirely by hand from German artificial fur, 5 swivel joints, arms and legs are flexible due to the wire frame inside.

Olga Nechaeva
I'm looking for a house for my Toshi bear. I stitched it by hand from German artificial fur. The fur is thick and very pleasant to the touch. Inside the bear has a sintepon, granulate cotter pins and disks. The stuffing is dense. The bear has a pleasant weight. Paws and head are mobile. A bear can stand if one finds an equilibrium point.

Bilaiza Teddy Bears
The bear's name is Ursus. His eyes are looking straight into the heart. Feel? But his look at the same time is absolutely not cold. He is friendly and peaceful. Mishka is looking for his home, where he will live a happy life!) The bear is made on technology Teddy from the mohair limited series. Color of the skin is pearl. The growth of the bears is 40 cm.

Big friendly bear Axel, 33 cm tall. Wears wool sweater and pants. Axel has double-neck joint.

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