For blythe doll, Spring Petite Toy, Flowering horns, Monster Teddy bear, Woodsma
Pet Portrait by Katerina Makogon
Monster, which reflects the arrival of spring. Your bag just needs a monster to look after you when you go shopping. Monster for you and yours Petite Blythe! When you leave the room, the monsters play with your doll blythe. And when you sleep monsters guard your peace. . Monsters will serve as the best talisman against evil looks.

Mr. Dandelion - OOAK Collectible Miniature Teddy Bear - Blythe friends!
Farberova Olga
Dandelion OOAK Collectible Miniature Teddy Bear Soft plush jointed toy Artist mohair teddy bear Blythe friends ! Teddy Bear is the best gift for your friends and loved ones! Size: stay 8 cm (3.1"). Bear wears vest and hat- Dandelion . His nose is needle felted. The head and paws rotate, on the cotter pins. Materials: mohair, cotter pins, fiber discs, polyester fiber, beads, steel pellets, mohair yarn, wool.

Height is 9 cm OOAK.

A small pocket teddy bear is handmade a perfect gift for her, for fans of miniatures, a beautiful interior toy on the shelf in the children's room or as a toy for your doll Blythe. Brown small bear a perfect gift for the best girlfriend, teddy bear with wings will not take up much space in the bag, will become a companion in the journey.

miss Mustard
The bear is made from sheep wool for teddy produced in Germany. Forelock mount head and paws. Filled with mineral granulate and synthetic fluff (not worth it on your own). The coat is made of flax. The coat is removed. Bear and clothes are made completely by hand without machine joints. Not suitable for children under three years old. Dry cleaning is possible. Single copy.

Dolly Ducky
Adorable Madness
Dolly Ducky is 5 1/2 inches tall from the and made of German mohair. She has been hand stitched with glass eyes and is fully jointed. Her legs and duck bill are made of German wool felt. This is not like the felt you get at the craft store. She is wearing a batiste apron with a vintage mother of pearl button and a lace headband with rosettes. (Doll not included).

RESERVED Bear Samuel
Bear Samuel. He made from the miniature fabrics, hands and legs from polymer clay. He is 7cm high(~2.5 inch). He is stuffed firmly with polyester and metal pellets. He toned oil paints. He is fully jointed, 5 way jointed. Bear has black glass eyes. He can move his arms, legs and head. Completely handwork, not the sewing-machine. Comes from a smoke-free home!

Friend for Blythe or for Teddy
Jane Teddies World
Horse made from cotton and filled with cotton and granular. Head and feet filled with paper clay. Head and feet are not moving. Cotton trusses and jacket.

Kitten Hat for Blythe
Victoria Ivanova
OOAK Hat for Blythe Kitten Plush, wool, cotton Unigue Hat for Your Blythe!! Custom Blythe also sell)

Teddy bear snail friend blythe
Teddy bear from tanja
The snail is sewn from a plush for a miniature, the eyes are hand made of glass, filled with wool, eyes on the wire can be bent.

Cheshire cat, OOAK teddy cat. Alice in Wonderland, Base on custom Blythe,
Toys of Julia Kurakina
Cheshire cat , OOAK teddy cat. The Cheshire cat is made of artificial fur and a plush ("tenderness"). Ears are combined with wool cloth. The palms, clutches and feet are hand-made from puppet plastics. 5 cotter pins. The face is made of epoxy. Head with a mechanism based on the doll Blythe (can change 4 pairs of eyes, can close-open eyelids). Eyes are glass.

Miniature bear with currants
Miniature artist teddy bear is made by me, from the finest materials. I sew it from fur for miniature. Artist teddy bear is fully jointed, hand sewn. Legs made from polymar clay. Teddy bear is approx 6 cm tall. He is sitting very well. I think this teddy bear can became a pocket friend for you or a lovely toy for your doll. Ordering Information: Attention please!

Pluto fox pup
fox pup named Pluto OOAK teddy fox by NatalyTools Price only for one fox. Pluto sweet fox cube. He is measures 6.5" (16 cm) when standing(+ ears) He is made of a very soft italian viscose. It's nice to hold him in hands. He has been weighted with glass shot in his tummy to give him a nice weight. He is stuffed with fiber-fill and fully jointed with 5 cotter pins.

Raginevich Natasha
Rabbit Alice. It's handmade using German mohair. The head is made on the basis of the Blythe doll. It has a cotter pin and head attachment. Stuffed with rubber.