Waffles the Beaver and TY
Bears*n*Bling by Erin Roy
Ty is approximately 12.5 inches tall and 9.5 inches sitting, has been made with a gorgeous tipped German mohair, and has wool felt inner ears, paw and foot pads. He sees through German glass eyes, has a black embroidered nose, is 5-way disc jointed and filled with premium high-loft polyester fiberfill and stone pellets.

With greetings from the Baltic Sea. Sophie loves the sea.

Clowning Around
Sachi Kisses
Fully hand sewn creation from German mohair with glass eyes and matching accessories ready to entertain you. Inspired by Cirque, this golden bear is full of fun in his bright pants and matching umbrella.

Golden Shadow Christmas reindeer Teddy deer
Listening Dwarfs
Sewn from Shulte synthetic plush from the limited collection, filled with hollofayber and glass pellets, has 5 cotter-pin joints.

Luisa de la Perl
Lena Berezovaja
Luisa de la Perl little ballerina. She's Teddy Bear about 22 cm tall, designed by me, made by my own pattern and hand sewed. (She doesn't want to stand on her own ). Clothes are not removable. German viscose, black glass eyes, joined with 5 cotter pins, stuffed with sawdust and steel pellets for add weight, tinted with oil paint and pastels, silk, real pearls. Don't wash.

Aleksandra Nelina
This is a cute monkey "Lucy".

Spring Blossom Bears and Bunnies
Hello, please meet Snowflake. Snowflake is a kitty measuring in at 10" high and 10" long. She is made from a white synthetic fur with light gray tipping. She has blue eyes with shading and a pink heart-shaped glass nose and an embroidered mouth. She has kitty whiskers. Snowflake if 6-way nut-bolt jointed (including her tail). Her foot and paw pads are made from mohair.

Elena Malinina
The bear is made by the author's pattern. Fancy is a charming and bright bear! The bear is made of high-quality German mohair fabric, totally handmade. The bear is fully jointed and has legs, arms and head movable. Fancy is stuffed with sawdust and mineral and metal granulate. Glass eyes, stitched nose and mouth. Bear is ready to please you every day.

Nova Bear by TSminibears
Nova Bear Artist Miniature Teddy Bear cub Lover Gift Doll Silk Embroidered Stuffed Animal Xmas Christmas Gift For Her By TSminibears. ___. The bear is made from Sassy Smokey long pile fabric for miniature bears and friends. She is completely hand sewn. All parts of the body can move as they are disk jointed. For eyes I used german glass eyes. Filled with polyfil and steal beads for pleasant weight.

Genny Bears
Teddy bear Roberto 36 cm , sit 28 cm, He is made of soft top quality of hand dyed mohair ( 25 mm ), * He has German glass eyes are painted and embroidered and varnished nose Inside metal granules for weight, * Staffed with sawdust, hollofiber Toning dry Pan Pastel, * Silk bow, hand-colouring.

Pug puppy Maggie
I present to you a pug puppy Maggie . Size full-length 27 cm. Materials:. faux mini plush, the body is completely on the skeleton lockline stuffing: fiberfill, glass granulate, pads on the paws and claws polymer clay Fimodress from cotton, eyes plastic nose epoxy ., Maggie comes with a certificate. The house where the toys are made is free of tobacco smoke.

Oksana Ostapchuk
Rabbit sewn from white viscose and plush. The toy has five joints. Eyes red glass. Filler: wood sawdust, mineral granulate, holofayber. Clothes (handmade).

Lovely 10in pink mohair bear with bright pink bow and bell has grey paws fully jointed and has glass eyes. This is not a toy for under 14 year olds.

La La La La Lola
Lola is my take on the cute Bulldog breed, with the amazing large head, flat faced, wrinkly features and adoring eyes. This little girl was created from hand dyed Schulte viscose with black glass eyes and is fully 5 way cotter pin jointed. She is filled with alpaca and kapok.

YoYo Bears
Snuggles is a 23" One-Of-A-Kind Faux fur bear. Full body armature. Glass eyes. Needle felted muzzle and eyes. Resin sculpted nose and mouth. Claws. Leather Trapunto paw pads.