Wee Beary Tails Bears
USD 307.41
Thank you for stopping by to meet my latest bear 'Bejewelled' she is such rich, gemstone colours! She measures approx 13.5" tall when she is standing and 9.5" when sitting due to her design she does prefer to sit. She has been created from: Long pile sparse hand dyed pink mohair, long black string mohair.

Bearly Bears
USD 64.97
Ron is a small bear, made from a golden German mohair with a dark backing. He has ultrasuede paws and glass button eyes, and is filled with a mix of polyfill and 100% Australian wool. Ron is 21cm tall when standing, and is fully disc and T-pin jointed. He wears a white ribbon bow which sparkles gold and looks wonderful against his golden fur.

USD 109.43
' Flek ' .

Golden retriever
Olena Makeienkova
USD 400.00
bsolutely charming child who comfortably sleeps on your hands, playfully smiles and plays, very fond of bones. The feeling is soft, gentle and pleasant to the touch. Manufacture of artificial fur. Inside are packaged holofayber. The head and body are connected by the skeleton of Lockline The paws are attached to the body of bolted joints and actuators.

Golden monkey.
USD 98.00
The monkey is made of old plush. Filled with sawdust. Glass eyes.

Teddy bear Leonard
Kikka studio
USD 54.90
Leonard is a vintage style old looking bear. He is made of plush vintage.This material is very interesting it has basis of pink color and golden yellow shot pile, it makes bear wonderful with very nice light vintage effect. The bear is fully jointed of 5 pins and discs. Paws are made of mini fin material (mini stoff in German).

Golden Rabbit
USD 140.00
Sewn in the style of "antique" from viscose Toning water mix oil paints filled with sawdust and metal granulate. costume made of silk fabric

Teddy bear Stephan
USD 120.00
Stephan was nominated for an award Golden George Teddybaer Total in MUNSTER 2019! The BEAR is sewed from beige plush completely according to Teddies of technology. Legs are made from plastic ladoll. The bear is decorated by an Elizabethan lacy collar, a velvet camisole and drawers from brocade. It is decorated with lace, beads and a metal fastener. The serious intellectual bear will decorate your life and the your home.

Big Bear 'Jasper'
Wee Beary Tails Bears
USD 321.07
Thank you for stopping by to meet my latest bigger bear 'Jasper' He is podgy, with a big smile & lovely to hug. He has gorgeous woodland printed paw pads and inner ears. He measures approx 13.5" tall when he is standing and 9.5" when sitting due to his design he does prefer to sit. He has been created from: Long pile sparse golden brown.

Gold fish
USD 300.00
This job is nominated for Golden George! Bear height 28cm. He can stand. The author's work from Janina Kartashova, my original author's design and drawing. Made from mohair Germany. He has glass eyes. His head was full of sawdust. Stuffed with sawdust, glass granulate, wood wool. He is fully connected and has his head, legs, and mobile arms. Clothes from the bear can be removed.

Klintzfamily Bears
USD 155.00
Unusual country bohemian prairie primitive striking lovely autumn colors teddy bear . Fizz, a romantic soul, soft elegant rustic “lap and secrets” bear. If you supply the lap and secrets, if it’s warm and cozy with a few hugs thrown in, he might tell you some of his ….

Anne-Marie VERRON
USD 397.65
This bear is called Félicien, he is made of a beautiful golden beige mohair. While standing, he measures 11.81″ from his paws to the top of his head (he is 9.45″ sat). He wears a fabric cap, a scarf and his little bag, all handmade just for him. This little boy is filled with synthetic filling and some granulate, to give him a nice weight.

Richard and Lion Heart
Anna-Rita Bears
USD 550.00
Richard and the Lion Heart.

Desert Wind
USD 85.00
Get acquainted, it is light as the breeze of a bear cub made of mohair, sandy-golden in color, fat man, dressed in a vest of felt, 5 cotter-pin joints, of small manual size.

USD 436.55
Gloria has just dressed up for Christmas dinner. She is supposed to go to a real fancy place. When they'll spot her, I'm sure they will bring out the red carpet. Gloria wears a beautiful silk dress. Attached to the dress are yards and yards of delicate lace and a lot of pearl beads. She wears lovely little shoes with pearly butterflies.