Teddy sailor goose is a very stylish gift, made in marine style for lovers of teddy animals. Goose teddy is made in the form of a sailor teddy. Goose's name is Mario, he is very charismatic and stylish. Mario works at the rescue station. Mario has a Lifebuoy, which can be a decorative element in your home or act as a needle bed for needles.

Pig Dusya & Goose
Nata Budkevich Teddy bear
Pig Teddy Dusya and her girlfriend Goose are looking for a cozy patio. Growing piglet 21 cm. Schulte Viscose, sawdust and mineral granulate inside.

Fox plush. Soft toy. Red fox.
Teddy Toys From Galina
Fox and his goose are Made of plush. Filled sintepuh. For weghting is used granuliant. The legs and headis movable on 5 shplintah. Sitting by himself worth it with support. Paws can bend. He has glass eyes. Reinforced egrs. Toning with oil paints. Height 9.05 inchec (24cm)length 7.4 inchec (20cm). Can be repeated. Two identical tous do not happen. She Will have her character.

Ryan fox with friend
This is my new Teddy fox Ryan with his friend goose Joe. They are old friends, and Ryan will never hurt his little friend! Ryan is 11 cm height in a full size. Height in a sitting position 9 cm (can only sit). He made from German-Italian viscose two colours, stuffed with sawdust and granulates. Fully pin jointed. Black glass German eyes. For all questions, more photos write to me.

Fox Harry
Artisd teddy fox Harry made of light peach and white shades viscose. Fox wears linen trousers.

Little Goose
Furry Happiness
Sewed out of mohair. 5 cotter pins. Filler sawdust and mineral granulate. Eyes glass. Beak and paws of fimo. The feet are threaded. Only he sits.

Luke Fox
"My Little World" by Anna Matveyeva
The eldest of the Fox-brothers the famous farmer's family in LittleWorld.

Melissa sewn from a vintage plush and artificially aged. She has a filler-glass granulate and sintered. She is very like a people and is looking for a new owner.

Goose Marselle
I present a new teddy Goose Aviator Marselle! Goose has an old shabby appearance. The goose is sewn from a vintage plush, filled with sawdust, has 4 movable joints, tinted with oil paints. The beak and paws of the goose are made of papier-mâché and self-hardening clay "Paperclay". He has a leather helmet and a bag. Patrick has a wooden plane, painted with acrylic paint and pastel.

Mitya pig and goose Gosha))
Zheleznova Svetlana
Mitya pig and goose Gosha, two inseparable friends. Mitya is very romantic and indecisive, and Gosha is brave and will make anyone laugh.

Goose man
Fairy House Olesya Averina
Today for you an excellent white Goose the man in a hat and decoration on a neck. Made of faux fur. The beak and feet are made of plastic. Glass German eyes. The neck can bend, because the inside plastic frame. The head on the pin rotates in all directions. Inside padding polyester and mineral granules.

Agatha One Of A Kind Goos, Artist Stuffed Duck
This is a small goose Agatha from village.

Fox Alik
Lysi Toy
Teddy bear Alik ! Mohair and viscose Excelsior and mineral granulat Glass eyes Cotton, goose and dish 100% handmade Thank you and have a nice day !

Red Cat
Teddy Trendy Bears
The Cat is 23 cm height and 17 cm in sitting position. The arms and legs are movable. The head turns and bends. He can sit free, but cannot stand without help. He has knitted scarf with the brooch and his friend goose who was kidnapped from the farm, but very glad of this fact ).

Baby duck Zoe
The duck is made by the author's pattern.