Preston Pierre Jnr
Teddy J Bears
Preston is a very unique hand made mohair teddy bear His gorgeous fur is a brown backing with a white inner with a redish brown tip. His nose has been needle felted to perfection to make it big and bold on his gorgeous face. His eyes are hand painted in blue and silver. He has needle felted paw pads on top of a lush dense cream mohair fur.

Ears Bears
Wish is a very cuddly 9 inch bear made in a gorgeous dense alpaca fur. He is five way jointed, has glass eyes and ultra suede paw pads. His face has been extensively scissor sculpted with a little bit of shading to give him a gorgeous expression. He has steel shot in his tummy and feet to give him that lovely, weighted cuddly feel.

Both teddy bears are 36 cm / 14 inches tall over all and 27 cm / 10 ½ inches sitting. Gentleman teddy bear is made from German mohair of a beige color, he is 14" (36 cm) tall and fully jointed. He has gorgeous black glass eyes and a stitched nose, he is filled with wool, sawdust and minerale granulate. He has a handknitted wool sweater.

Kristoph the rustic clown
Scruffy Bears
Kristoph the rustic clown. Made from thick gorgeous alpaca fur with gentle aging effects and repair stitches. Heavily weighted with glass sand and filled with pollyflock. His paws are a gorgeous suede leather aged with pastels. Made with an antique effect. Kristoph has German amber glass eyes with shading added for depth. Featuring a skip stitched nose and a poutty mouth.

elephant Mason
Dubyanskaya TOYS
Gentle and shy elephant Mason Sewn from German viscose, weighted with granulate. Filling of sawdust. Growth 9 inches Ears are completely embroidered with beads and beads, gorgeous shimmer in the sunlight. Shoes made of suede, fully removable Overalls also removed, on the outfits of a silk ribbon Mason is lonely and wants to find a friend. Ordering Information: I accept Paypal payment.

Winter's Sparkle
Hugaburybears by Alison Scott
Winters Sparkle is 18" high and made from a gorgeous steiff-schulte luxury white faux fur with pink Sassy fur inner ears & paw pads, her paw pads have been embroidered claw detail with perle cotton & gold sparkle thread . She has English black glass eyes and a perle embroidered nose with a little extra sparkle of gold thread.

Alexsandra Astahova
Fantasy author's art toy for collections, interior and gifts, which is manually painted , sewed and decorated by me. Loba (name) is an inquisitive child open to the world, of the kind of root crops. In a single copy sewn entirely by hand from vintage fabric. Legs and handles rotate along the axis,mount on the cotter pins.

Klintzfamily Bears
Iysh (Eesh) 14.5 inches tall. the style: Aire Debonair . HUNK-A BURNING LOVE Isn't he handsome? He could be a teddy bear movie star with those dark eyes, gorgeous good looks and cowlick boyish charm. VERY VIRILE It's the earthy brown hand dyed coloring. There is a sensation that you get when you nozzle him between the ears…..grrrrrrrowl!!

Teddy Station
Gorgeous aged look Ridi Bear Made from Sparse Mohair As new

Kylie's Collectables
Boysenberry is a gorgeous little bear made from a lovely dense soft plush. He has black glass eyes and his eye sockets have been needle sculpted. He also has a hand-sculpted clay nose which has been handpainted along with his freckles. He has wired armatures so can with some patience be posed and stand. He is filled with polyfill and pellets.

Ben and Jerry the Twins
Bearmore Bears
These brothers are made from a dense tipped mohair in brown and black, they have Antique cashmere pads and black glass eyes.

Lena Berezovaja
Size: 23 cm (9,05") tall The beautiful dress is removable. All my Bears are designed by me, made by my own pattern and hand sewed. Materials: German viscose, black German glass eyes. Stuffed with sawdust and mineral pellets for added weight Joined with 5 cotter pins Tinted with art oil paints and pastel Nose are embroidered. This lady bear doesn't want to stand on her own. Don't wash. Only dry cleaning.

Jo bears
Otto the bear cub has a sculpted porcelain face with painted eyes.

skye rose bears

Peony has been created using these two Gorgeous cerise and pale Pink Luxury Faux Furs, with Black Woolfelt padded pawpads. She stands at 15” tall. Peony is filled with Tenderrubber Pellets, adding Steel Balls for her perfect weight. Her face features, I’ve lovingly placed Black Glass Eyes and sewn a Black Perle threaded Nose, with a touch of Varnish. Peony is fully Cotterpin jointed, with a wobbly head joint.

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