Couple Brian & Irene
Anna Bratkova bears

Teddy Bear Oliver
Hello! Thank you for your attention! Today I want to introduce my new work Teddy Bear Oliver ! The bear is executed in style of a fantasy. He has two silk ribbon Growth: standing -16,92 inch (43 cm), sitting - 11,41 inch (29 cm).

Small Сollectible Teddy Bunny Pearl
My Sweet Teddy by Yunia
Please meet tiny Pearl! She is so tender and cute... Her heart is open for a new family!

Rabbit Teddy
Bears & friends
Teddy Rabbit is made of italian silk velvet. Stuffed sawdust, metall and glass granules for weight. Glass eyes. 35 cm tall (13 inch). A head, arms, legs rotating 360 degrees. This item is not a toy.

the Little Ninny
Tectum naguarum
The Little Ninny. A bit strange black bear with big heart. He is 5 inches (13 cm) standing tall. Made fully by hands from German viscouse fur. 5 teddy joints - paws and head can move. Stuffed with pure wood chips and metal granules for a pleasant feel in your hand and better sitting.

Puppy of a cocker spaniel - Tim
toys by Anna Zagrivnaya
Puppy of a cocker spaniel - Tim. Pattern author. Size standing in a length of 20 cm (excluding the tail). Material - the German Artificial fur Schulte. The head, body and tail are connected skeleton Jeton. Paws are attached to the body of the cotter pin and drives.

Little Sue
Bunny of viscose. Fillers: sawdust and metal granules. Glass eye. Tinted oil paints. Bunny sitting and standing without support. Cotton clothing. Made with love for you. Single instance!

Incredible New Year's price for a cute bunny. Sewn from the German plush Shulte. Pretty Girl. Her sweet smile will delight you every day. gentle and affectionate.

Raccoon Greta
Raccoon Greta ( 11cm) She is looking for a new home. Material used: Fabric: Stiff Schulte Teddy bear, Ministoff Eyes: glass, black The nose is made of polymer clay, modeled independently.

Bears by Nataly Yurinova
Viscose, sawdust, granules, artificially aged.

Hedgehog Glasha
Natalia Shigareva
Hello! Today I have Hedgehog Glasha. OOAK A new pattern. - Made of viscose and mohair. - German black glass eyes. - Hand-sewn nose Pearl cotton. Waxed. - Stuffed with sawdust, polyester balls and mineral granules.

Mr Wise owl
Fairy House Olesya Averina
Hey. Today, I'll introduce you to a new owl - Mr. Wise owl. He is very intelligent and serious. His presence complements any interior. It will protect your home from possible failures and give you important tips))Very fluffy, he likes when his comb.

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