Сat Grаy
Touch of childhood
USD 85.28
Made from German viscose and stuffed with sawdust, wool, lavander and steel granulate. England glass eyes. 5 way jointed. Cat was tinted by art paints (Oil).

Grey kitten
USD 50.00
Here grey Sleepy Kitty is. Why I call it sleepy one? Because of eyes construction: they can be opened and closed. Kitty is so small, so you can grab it in your hand and take it everywhere. It is sewn from hand dyed sassy fabric. Has 4 splintage connection and wire skeleton inside the body. There is a pair of lampwork eyes.

Velvet sphynx cat
SimBel Bears
adopted USD 280.00
Let me introduce sphynx cat Velvet. She is 26 cm. when standing with ears , 31 cm. when sitting, 42 cm long when lying. She is made of miniplush fabric, has glass eyes, painted by me. Legs, body,ears and tail are armatured . Velvet is stuffed with sheep wool, wood sawdust, steel pallets and rubber pallets. Velvet is stuffed sofly. Velvet paws and nose are made of polymer clay.

Demicheva Svetlana
USD 90.00
Handmade cat by Svetlana Demicheva, OOAK Fabric: viscose (Germany) Eyes: glass Filling: filings wood and granulate Head/ legs: pins, move Nose/ mouth: use cotton stitching Support is needed

Olga Nechaeva
adopted USD 170.36
Hello! Today I am pleased to introduce you to my cat whose name is Tom.

Pink kitty
MiraFox teddy
USD 160.00
Realistic kitten sewn from alpaca unique, very light pink shade, very beautiful.

OOAK Bunny Teddy "I Want the sea!"
USD 393.34
Bunny Teddy "I Want the sea!"- collection author's toy. German viscose, sawdust 5 pins, hand-painted glass eyes Linum, tinted oil cotton, genuine leather (sneakers) tree (boat)., Growth of Bunny standing nearly 28 cm The only copy! Created in a smoke-free environment.

adopted USD 110.00
Timosha. The toy is handmade. Sewn from viscose hand color. Filled with sawdust, metal and natural granulate. Glass eyes.

Anna Martynenko
USD 200.00
Cute couple kittens. They're in love with each other. Let them bring love and happiness to Your home! 5 way jointed, vintage Soviet plush pine sawdust and metal beads are inside , glass eyes. Price for two.

Portrait of kitten
Empiria Dolls
adopted USD 290.00
The baby was made according to the photograph of an adult cat. The girl has with her playful nature, is also incredibly agile, can take a variety of poses.

Alice and Basilio
USD 500.00
Alice and Basilio One of a Kind 32cm ( 24 cm sitting) and 27cm ( 21 cm sitting) Materials: body: japanese mohair; , joints: 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and disks (all joints are wobble); filling: fiberfill, glass beads; , eyes: hand-painted glass eyes ; nose: felted nose has been sealed , and sanded; face: oil, pastel shaded; , Clothing: felt, plush, flax, wool, cotton and feathers.

Cat Cloud
adopted USD 125.00
Meet! This cat's name is Cloud. The cat is made of German mohair and cotton; glass eyes are handmade; fillers: cedar and pine sawdust, quartz sand;

Teddy Cat Tito
adopted USD 60.00
Cute baby Teddy Cat Tito. Plush "Tenderness".

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