Cat James
Please meet my new OOAK teddy Cat James! This boy is 23 cm (9in) tall. James is made of white and gray fabric for miniature bears, he is fully cotter pin jointed and his legs and arms are wired so he can bend it and is very posable. He has hand painted glass eyes and embroidered cotton nose.

Cat " Leo»
Aleksandra Nelina
Cat " Leo» Sitting height 22 cm, full height without tail 29 cm.

Cat Fred
Pretty bears
Very fluffy cat Fred.

Alice and Basilio
Alice and Basilio One of a Kind 32cm ( 24 cm sitting) and 27cm ( 21 cm sitting) Materials: body: japanese mohair; , joints: 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and disks (all joints are wobble); filling: fiberfill, glass beads; , eyes: hand-painted glass eyes ; nose: felted nose has been sealed , and sanded; face: oil, pastel shaded; , Clothing: felt, plush, flax, wool, cotton and feathers.

Red Cat
Teddy Trendy Bears
The Cat is 23 cm height and 17 cm in sitting position. The arms and legs are movable. The head turns and bends. He can sit free, but cannot stand without help. He has knitted scarf with the brooch and his friend goose who was kidnapped from the farm, but very glad of this fact ).

Kitty Puffy
Kitty Puffy sewn from German mohair, stuffed with sawdust, weighted by metal granulate.

Sanny cat
My Michelle
Teddydoll boy. Sunny cat. The head is fashioned and polymer clay by hand, painted with oil paints, fixed to the body by a double swinging sheet. The handles on the t-pins, move. Full-cut legs.

Cote Greg
Anna Glushko teddybears
The cat is sewn from antiquarian plush, stuffed with sawdust, pivot joint of paws, decorated with oil paints and pastels, height of 22 cm.

Morpheus the Cat
Teddies by Anna Miretska
Cat Morpheus from the project 'Dreamers from roofs.' His dream is to learn making love potions and sending mice to sleep by a glance. Morpheus is the only one of its kind. I sewed Morpheus of vintage plush of 2 colors and Italian viscose. I stuffed him with sawdust, added glass beads in the lower legs and abdomen, used handmade glass eyes, minishtof on the feet.

Steffan Teddy Bear
Kitten is sewn from high quality faux fur.

Rocky Cat
MaxiLynn Bears
Rocky lost his eye in battle but he is a very sweet kitty around humans & other respectful animals! He’s a very brave lad but prefers loving to fighting. He’s looking for a nice warm hearth to curl up on. Rocky is 13” including his ears, has glass eyes, handmade clay nose, needlefelted face & paws, horse hair whiskers & is made from luxury faux fur & viscose.

Dobronrava & Bears
Cat dandy. Japanese mohair, sawdust, metal granules, green eyes of glass. Clothing is removed.

Kitten Adi
NatalKa Creations
Kitten Adi is sewn from plush (original "Steiff Schulte"). The legs and head are movable (6 pin joints). Tail is reinforced.

Bengal kitten
I present to you a charming bengal kitten. Size 17 sm sitting, full-length 21 sm. Materials: plush Germany, stuffing: fiberfill, metal granulate. fimo(nose), 5 cotter pins eyes plastiс, muzzle,eyelids felting paws and tail reinforced with wire., Tinted with acrylic paints, art marker. Kitten comes with a certificate. The house where the toys are made is free of tobacco smoke.

White tiger Tibet.
Irina Kirichenko
White tiger Tibet.

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