Feather Unicorn
SimBel Bears
Let me introduce unicorn named Feather from my unicorn collection. She is 28 cm.

White Rabbit
Toys by Talya Roshchina
Toy White Rabbit for delicate faux fur. Filled with polyester batting and a glass granulate. Eye glass. Clothing is stitched so that you can wear on both sides, gray and color.

Cat Portrait. Kitten 12 In Teddy cat. For your pets. Artist teddy bears. Pet portraits. Pets. Whimsical. Animalistic gifts. OOAK
Pet Portrait by Katerina Makogon
This is a collectible toy made using the technology of teddy bears, as well as my author's designs. This toy will help prolong your warm memories of the pet. And will also be an excellent gift for loved ones., A cute little kitten for your home and heart., Grey kitten made of German plush. Stuffed with wool and metal granules. It has reinforced legs and tail.

Wolf and Piglet
Algis bear
Wolf and Piglet Height standing: 32cm (12.6") Height sitting: 25cm (9.8") The wolf is made of high quality faux fur, polymer clay and has glass eyes. All Wolf's limbs are cotter pinned and have wires inside them. Inside his head, body and tail there is the LockLine skeleton. Wolf's body is fully adjustable. Filling: natural German wool and glass granules. The piglet is needle felted of natural germany wool.

Teddy dog
Cute and realistic dog filled with sawdust and granules., 5 cotter joints. Nose made of handmade polymer clay., Metal wire in the ears. Pink bow., One of a kind.

Banana Milkshake
Collector Button Bears
Banana Milkshake is made from hand dyed Italian viscose in a soft vintage lemon.  She is cotter pin jointed and has armature in legs, arms and ears.  She has grey glass eyes and a needle felted face.

Pretty Teddy
This bear is truly perfect height, proportions, plump tummy and take-me-in-your-arms look. Meet Thibault! He was born right before the Christmas, and his most important dream is to become a holiday gift. Thibault wants to hide in a gift box under Christmas tree and wait for his man. And that man will wake up on Christmas morning, unfold the box with trembling, see Thibault and hug him happily!..

Bunny Mary
Pretty bears
Amazing fluffy bunny Mary.

Mr Mortimer Rat
Bertie Sweedlepipe Bears
Lovely Mort is created from blue with grey under, faux fur, he has purple lower legs and arms.

'Chunky' My First 8" EllieBear. . Chunky has been created using this stunning Short Piled Grey Faux Fur ( SUPERSOFT), with Black Woolfelt padded pawpads. He stands at 8” tall. Chunky is filled with Tenderrubber Pellets, adding Steel Shot for his perfect weight. His face features, I’ve lovingly placed Black Glass Eyes and given him a Black Perle threaded Tail. Chunky is fully Cotterpin jointed, with a wobbly head joint.

Mona Lisa
Let me introduce you to Mona Lisa a sweet fluffy grey fox.

Friends Fur Life Bears By Kim Endlich
This is Lilly created by myself, Kim Endlich of Friends "Fur" Life Bears. Lilly is a free standing 9" whimsical kitty created out of a hand dyed cream/grey mohair with hand painted stripes. She peers through German glass eyes with white wool felt tucked behind them and she has a hand stitched nose and needle sculpted facial features to give her a sweet smile.

Rabbit in hood
Anna Bratkova
Artist Teddy Rabbit in Hood made of grey mohair 5 mm. Stand himself! He stuffed with wood wool, sawdust and metall franules (weighty leg ),5 way jointed felt hood

We Be Bears and Company
Maggie May stands at 9'' and sits at 7 1/2''. She is made out of grey plush over black. Her inner ears and foot pads are mini bear fabric. Her skirt and head garland are made out of ribbon trim.. Se has large german glass eyes that have been shaded with dark grey. Maggie is 5 way disk and lock nut jointed.

Larry Lamb
Somethings Bruin by Jill Baxter
Larry Lamb is a young lamb who has ambitions to be the leader of the flock but first he has to find a home! He is made from white alpaca & grey 100% wool felt, with his face needle felted from 100% british wool. He has glass eyes, and avcute litte pink hand sculpted nose and hand sculpted feet made from Sculpy. He is 5 way jointed and filled with polyester & steel shot.