Laurie Lou Bears
USD 102.60
Marlin is such an adorable bear with a lovely personality and he is 8 inches high and made from a grey sparse mohair with a brown backing.He has matching grey ultrasuede paw and foot pads. Marlin has black english glass eyes and I have gently shaded around these and his muzzle to give him a cute expression. His nose has been sewn on with black perle cotton.

Bearly Bears
adopted USD 97.35
Ash is a cute mini bear who loves to relax in her blue striped deck chair. She can’t bear the thought of living without her deckchair so it will be travelling to her new home too. Ash is hand-sewn from soft, grey Sassy fur, with grey ultrasuede paws and black onyx bead eyes.

Bearly Bears
adopted USD 73.06
Farran is a gorgeous mini bear hand-sewn from soft, grey Sassy fur, with grey ultrasuede paws and black onyx bead eyes. Farran is 13cm / 5in tall, and is filled with 100% Australian merino wool filling. He is jointed at the head with a cotter pin joint, and has string-jointed arms and legs.

Miss moody
Cookie bears
USD 79.39
She looks moody but she a loving bear pink and grey faux fur lovely grey bow and pink button. Glass eyes and steel shot in tummy and good weight

Muppie's Bears
USD 60.36
Dayo is a cute little Muppie's Bear, made of authentic, handpainted grey/green Helmbold mohair.

Fluffy mouse
USD 199.00
Fluffy the minky mouse. 20 cm made from recycled mink fur, ostrich grey leather used fir nose and paw and foot pads with grey suede for tail.

CARITAS Classic Bear Love
adopted USD 133.90
CARITAS Classic Bear Author collectible teddy bear. Caritas is translated from Latin the Love. I am pleased to present you the new Teddy Bear CARITAS in classic style. Bear is on his chest gray collar in embroidery: heart, arrow, the inscription "love". CARITAS sewn by hand from beautiful Germany mohair fabric grey color. His eyes are Germany glass.

USD 364.84
Author collectible teddy bear. Artist Teddy Bear OOAK BALEY sewn by hand from beautiful alpaca fabric grey color. His eyes are black German glass. The bear is stuffed firmly with wood chips like real old toy, it is very special feeling touching the bear. He is fully jointed and has his legs, arms and head movable. He is stuffed with sawdust and metal granulate. Teddy bear tinted artistic oil.

USD 205.00
This beautiful, handmade OOAK Greta Country Girl is a perfect gift for any occasion: Birthday, St. Valentine's Day, Christmas, Housewarming or any other! This bear has been made and designed by me Svitlana Novytska. It is a collectible and not suitable for a children's toy. My ARTIST TOY BEAR: constructed in handmade sand-colored mohair., has glass eyes, cotter pins inside, and a stitched waxed nose.

USD 103.83
Made from premium dense, curly kid Steiff-Schulte mohair cream with a smoking grey tip. 5-way jointed;

VintageDeco Bears
USD 140.52
Jakub is an OOAK bear, made of schulte dense felted long pile mohair. His body is firmly filled with sawdust. Jakub has tapered arms, is five-way jointed. He has a stitched nose, mouth and paws and his nose is waxed. He wears an old pair of grey knitted trousers, with a pair of old fashioned braces and a grey driverscap.

USD 129.91
Bonjour, my name is Phipps and I am a French Bulldog! I am 30cm tall and made from Schulte viscose which my owner hand dyed in shades of blue/grey, pale grey and black. I am filled with wood flakes and am 5 way cotter pin jointed for movement. I have black glass eyes perfect for gazing! I wear a blue and white checked cotton double ruffle with a ribbon.

USD 62.00
The Bullfinch is a bulky bull-headed bird. The upper parts are grey; the flight feathers and short thick bill are black; as are the cap and face in adults (they are greyish-brown in juveniles), and the white rump and wing bars are striking in flight. The adult male has red underparts, but females and young birds have grey-buff underparts. The pleasant song of this unobtrusive bird contains fluted whistles.

Frightful Francesca
Chicago Bear Co.
USD 95.00
I'm thrilled to introduce you to Francesca , a one of a kind Artist bear handmade with love! Francesca is a 9 inch mohair bear with glass eyes, a felted nose, and ultrasuede paw pads and inner ears. She’s been handsewn from a silky soft dense grey plush. Her head is cotterpin jointed, and her limbs are locknut jointed for gentle posing.

Laurie Lou Bears
USD 88.95
Ruskin is a new bear and he is 4.5 inches high and is made from gorgeous grey miniature bear fabric with cream wool felt paw and footpads.He has black perle cotton claws on his paws and feet.