Brussels Griffon Bruno
Pogorelaya Daria
USD 300.00
Made of faux fur Glass eyes 5 disk mounts.

Griffin Kizi
USD 350.00
Hello, I pleased to present you my new creation! Owl Griffin Kizi from my new exclusive collection "Santa`s Little Forest". Owl Griffons are a type of griffon. They are easily distinguishable from other griffons by their spotted plumage, flat face and big fluff ears. They very playful and curious. The Griffin is made of very realistic Italian faux fur of 2 kind.

Brussels Griffon Verdel
Peggy & Molly Teddies
adopted USD 97.44
*** Brussels Griffon Verdel *** By Peggy & Molly Teddies. Height: 12cm Materials:Faux fur, Natural wool paw padsFilled with polyester and minerals, Cold porcelaine noseGlass eyes, 5 joints -Toned with soft pastels an acrylics

Puppy Buba
adopted USD 99.00
The puppy Buba is a Griffon breed.

Brussels Griffon puppy
Irina Fedi Toys creations
adopted USD 198.00
I am very glad to welcome you! Today I want to present to your attention Brussels Griffon puppy Bety puppy measures In height 6.24 in(16 cm) and when seated 5.07in( 13 cm). In the production used the following materials: fur for miniatures , glass eyes,cotter pins 6 pcs. There is a birth certificate. Weighted mineral granules.The ears,paws are reinforced and you can change the position. The mouth opens and closes.

Griffon dog
Zakovorotnaya Olga
adopted USD 290.00
The dog is made of German mohair. Head and paws are movable. Ears and tail are reinforced with wire. The cap can be removed.

"I'm hamster"
adopted USD 99.00
The puppy is a Griffon breed.

I Mickymaus!
Zakovorotnaya Olga
adopted USD 250.00
I Mickymaus! A dog height 31 cm Clothes can be removed. Single copy. OOAK Materials: mohair, sawdust, metal granulate, cotton, silk, leather.

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