Fluff Truffle & Puff Bears
Handmade hand stitched Coloured horse/pony approx 22cm. She is made from high quality German viscose fur and filled with fibre filling. Traditional cotter pin jointed head and limbs. She is created. from my own design pattern and has her own unique personality.

The Jaded Bearsmith
Ilaria is made completely of mohair. Her limbs, eye patches and ears are Black curly locks (41mm pile length) and her head and lower tummy a long, matted thick, curly hand dyed coral. Her eyes were handpainted by me and the paint changes colour in different lights. She has a black embroidered nose with a smirky grin.

Peter is a 13 cm tall Flummy boy made of dyed viscose. He has black glass eyes and an embroidered nose filled with sheep's wool and steel granules. The paws, feet and ears are set off with flowered cotton fabric around the neck wearing a potted clay heart. He brings the little bag of cotton fabric with mushrooms and the small wooden mushroom to his new home.

Anna Ananyeva
Bimka's dog meets the world with surprised and wide-open eyes !!! New miracles await him ahead. Who is ready to meet them with him every day ???? We are looking for a house and new friends !!! The dog is created from German hand dyed viscose and stuffed with pine sawdust. He is fully jointed and has his head, legs and arms movable. His eyes are German glass.

Luna, the mermaid bear
Cobblestone Creations
Luna is made of hand dyed aqua and pure white cashmere faux fur and is barely 2 inches long.

OOAK Piggy Betty
Askarona stuffed collectibles
OOAK Piggy Betty made from German hand dyed viscose, stuffed with polyester and mineral stones, glass eyes and T-splints joints. 5'' tall. . Betty always loves to visit her grandmother because she has a beautiful garden. Flowers and butterflies admire her so much. Hours and hours Betty could spend watching flowers and dreaming once became the most beautiful flower in her grandmom's garden.

Banana Milkshake
Collector Button Bears
Banana Milkshake is made from hand dyed Italian viscose in a soft vintage lemon.  She is cotter pin jointed and has armature in legs, arms and ears.  She has grey glass eyes and a needle felted face.

Blinko Bears
Harry is a hand dyed curly mohair bear with felt paws. He has black glass eyes, satin stitched waxed nose, nut and bolt limbs and wobble jointed head.

Bear Clover
Bear clover is sewn from viscose hand-dyed. Filled with sawdust. Added metal granulate. Dressed in pants made of linen.

Smart Fox
Bear by Mila Popova
Plush antiques. 5 cotter pins and one in tail. Stuffed with sawdust. In the tummy granulate. Pants and cap from hand-dyed cotton. Blouse knitted.

Don Rabbit
The height in the sitting position is 20 cm (7 7/8 in) without considering the ears; he cannot stand. There is embroidering on his heels. The ears are reinforced with a wire. Sawdust stuffed; the sawdust is wooden; the eyes are made of green glass; balanced with small natural pebbles; tinted with oil paints; the threads are an embroidery floss (Mouliné); the cotton fabric is hand-dyed; cotter pin joints; Teddy Rabbit;

The little red pirate
Anna Hoo Artists Bears
The little red pirate, a 35 cm red hand dyed mohair teddy bear, in pirate style.

Friends Fur Life Bears By Kim Endlich
This is Hobbs created by myself, Kim Endlich of Friends "Fur" Life Bears. Hobbs is a free standing 9" whimsical kitty created out of a hand dyed mohair in a mottled orange and white with hand painted stripes. He peers through German glass eyes with white wool felt tucked behind them and she has a hand stitched nose and needle sculpted facial features to give his a sweet smile.

Essential Bears by Wendy & Megan Chamberlain
One of my handful of bears, Camellia is made from hand dyed rose pink rayon fabric with matching linen paw pads. Her hand stitched nose has been waxed and she has subtle shading around her black glass eyes. She is wearing a dress made vintage lace with an underlay of tea dyed cotton fabric. Around around her neck she has a ruff made from cream seam binding ribbon.

Favorite Bears
Margaret... It is interesting and exquisite... In it there is intrigue and she created for the most favorite...