Narcis spring monster
SimBel Bears
Let me introduce new creation colourfull spring monster Narcis!

14 inches (35centimeters). Looking for unique gift made with love and passion? I propose you a hand made boy-bear Lucky as a perfect solution to become cute friend to your friends, family and children. Lucky is a small cuddle bear with a cute look. He loves to caress with like minded friends. He is the happy minded boy looking forward to his new family.

Fox Liska
Original sewing pattern.

The teddy bear is made of Japanese silk. Bear does not want to let out of your hands, it is very soft and silky. Bear is looking for a friend for hugs. Standing approx 22 cm tall (8.6in). The arms and legs Head can swing. . OOAK teddy. Stuffing materials – sawdust, silicon and glass pellets. Silk, , glass eyes, oil paints. Polymer clay nose Silk ribbon . Standing with support.

Traditional teddy bear
Rosemarys Bears
I like to create traditional teddy bears and this one fits the bill. Handmade to order using German Hembold 20mm dense straight mohair, the feel is soft and silky. The colour is Bracken a mid-gold with a slight wheaten tint. His paw pads are thick German felt. The bear is stuffed with a mix of traditional wood wool and polyester with 12mm English glass eyes and an embroidered nose.

Tired owl Collectible toy doll coffee
Gera Infiniti
He wants to be held, stroked and played with him. Strictly looks back from the distress from the owner. It is completely handmade creation. The toy is made of polymer clay and artificial fur. It has glass eyes and It is painted with dry pastel. My art is made in Russia, in Siberia with a soul and inspiration.

Gems fur may look a little different in the photos, as the lighter fur is with lamp lights and the darker fur is with natural light. This fur varies depending on the light. Gem is a 6.5 inch collectable bear,from ear to foot, that is completely hand sewn. She is made from scruffy faux fur, cotterpin joints, steel pellets, stuffing, and glass eyes.

Samantha-jane Bears & Scallycats
Betty is 11 inches tall and created from hand dyed lilac German mohair and white swirl German Mohair. She is five way cotter pin jointed with a wired poseable tail. Her hand painted glass eyes are deep purple with real lashed lidded with deep purpl swarovski crystals, she has hand shading all over for a slightly aged look, she has long nylon whiskers.

Lake District Bears
He is a small and sweet traditional style bear packed with character. Jasper is made from good quality brown mohair and has been completely sewn by hand. He comes complete with the outfit shown in the pictures. His important details:.. Height 24cm / 9.5 inches from head to toe , *. Materials brown Steiff schulte mohair. Traditional black glass eyes, *. Traditional cotter pin joints in arms, legs and head.

Donkey Max
Size with ears: Standing 9.2 inches (23.5cm.) sitting 7.8 inches (20cm.) Weight 190 gr. Especially in the chest have a heart. Main fabric vintage plush. Inside sawdust, woody wool, metal granulate. The head, hand and feet are densely packed with cedar sawdust. The body is weak crammed cedar wool. Eyes glass. Tinted with oil paints. Clothes can be removed. All the limbs are movable on the pins. Not for playing children.

La La La La Lola
Lola is my take on the cute Bulldog breed, with the amazing large head, flat faced, wrinkly features and adoring eyes. This little girl was created from hand dyed Schulte viscose with black glass eyes and is fully 5 way cotter pin jointed. She is filled with alpaca and kapok.

Garfield and Pieps
Golden Elm Bears
This is Garfield and his mouse Pieps. Garfield is 32 cm tall standing and Pieps is 5 cm tall. Garfield is made of mohair and alpaca. He is filled with fiberfill and glass pellets. His face is needlefelted with merino wool and hand shaded. He has german glas eyes. Garfield is 5 way jointed with cotterpins. Around his neck he wears a charm of a mouse.

With greetings from the Baltic Sea. Sophie loves the sea.

Richard and Lion Heart
Anna-Rita Bears
Richard and the Lion Heart.

Teddy rabbit Zarush
My world Teddy
Teddy rabbit Zarush Sewn from German Schulte viscose. Growth 23.5 centimeters without horns. All connections on swing pins (five pins). The feet and hands are made of cotton with hinged fastening. Glass eyes. Stuffed with sawdust, weighted by metal granulate. The feet and hands stuffed with synthetic fluff and metal granulate. Teddy is tinted with oil pastel.

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