Cicciorsi by Antonella Bears
Owl made with Teddy bear technique. High cm15 Various fur coats: mohair and synthetic. Glass eyes. Entirely hand-sewn. The head is mobile. Exclusive model, made by me

The Door into the Summer
Fallen leaves, rainy days and hours spent at home with a warm drink and a good book. How fascinating it is to roam deserted streets on a rainy day and watch colorful leaves fall… The time seems to slow down, the colors are breathtaking. Can I introduce you to Johnny – an autumn bear cup. Johnny measures 7.5" inches tall and is a one-of-a-kind.He is made from brown viscose.

Pumpkin mini Halloween toys
Let me introduce you to the little baby pumpkin named Carmashkin. His name means "One who lives in the pocket" . Carmashkin so tiny that he could easily live in your pocket or purse! His height sitting just 7 see. Also, this tiny pumpkin has his own house-box. Arms , legs and head are movable , 10 cotter-pins .

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