Purple flower.... bunny
Еmotional bears by Irina Voronina
Little lady, purple flower... Fluffy and warm, for the soul. Made of fluffy mohair hand color. Stuffed with sawdust and mineral granulate. Eyes glass, violet, painted by hand. Beads of clay, painted by hand. Friend bear 5.5 cm, sewn from calico, toned with paints.

Bear Maxim
Svetlana Goncharova Handmade Toys
Vintage bear. This bear is handmade. This is a collection one. this toy bear can be a wonderful gift for any holiday. The bear is sewn from viscose. Maksim Medved This bear has a height of 15 cm, made of vintage viscose 5 cotter pins, sawdust, pellets.

Nicole and Alex. Teddy bears.
Galina Khalikova
*THE PRICE IS INDICATED FOR 2 BEARS TOGETHER! I present you another wonderful pair of bears from my favourite collection "TWO HEARTS"! Nicole and Alex They will become a great gift for a family for Christmas. The creations are of soft and warm colours.

OOAK Artist Teddy Bear / Himalayan Bear Guido / Brown Teddy Bear / Handmade Artist Teddy Bear / 5,5 inch Teddy Bear / Collectible Teddy Bear
Collectible Teddy Bear Himalayan Bear Guido - funny little fat man. Rather thick bear :) He loves to tasty meal and soak up the warm palms. The Teddy Bear kid is 14,5 cm growth. This Handmade Artist Teddy Bear can not stand on its own (technological feature), loves to sit more.

Teddy bear Sea Breeze
Teddy Art
Miniature turquoise teddy bear 3,5 inch with pink scarf OOAK Artist Teddy Bear Collectible teddy bears Handmade teddy bears Home bear friend. Collectible miniature teddy bear, 3,5 inch, beautiful turquoise color. Very soft and cozy little bear. Completely handmade. Made of fur for miniature.

Cat Simona
Pretty bears
Very fluffy cat Simona. Glass eyes, polimer clay handmade face. It sewed high quality plush. The animal is very fluffy and tender. It head, hands and feet can move. - Completely handmade. - Posable. Head, hands and legs can move. - The toy in a single copy.

Irina Zhila
Size lying 23 cm in length (excluding tail). Head and body on the skeleton, paws on the cotter pin, flexibility paws through the skeleton and wire-reinforced tail. Nose and pads on their feet - baked plastic. Handmade eyes.

Carla Carlotta Bears
HASI & Gnome By Carla Carlotta Bears - 7.

Fox Blueberries
Plush gang by Svetlana Semenova
Meet! Clown Blueberries! Unusual gray Fox, fun belly dancer and contortionist) Made of viscose, filling mineral grains, nice pogrustnevshy in my belly ,and sawdust.

Panda Pabu
Hello, dear Friends! I want to introduce you my panda is named Pabu. Pabu can only sit (height sitting is 18 centimeters). He is made of alpaca (Japan). Skeleton is mounted in the body and paws. Claws and nose made ​​of FIMO polymer clay. Paw pads are made of genuine leather. He has glass eyes.

My love of plush 79
Peony 25 cm. Vintage plush, silk ribbon, suspension - glass handmade, glass eyes (Germany), 5-way jointed. Filling: wood chips + sea pebbles. Handmade! One of a kind!

Let me introduce for you bear Potap ;) He is 13" (34cm) tall to the tip of his ears. He will stand on his own with a little balancing, but prefers to sit.