Author's postcards
Everyone wants to get something special, even magical, on this magical holiday. Do you remember the times when we received postcards in the mail and how exciting it was to read them? A postcard is something special, and when combined with warm wishes from a loved one, it becomes an excellent attention sign! Sketches and inscriptions to them are drawn by us Anna and Victoria.

Benjamin sewn from artificial fur, wool. He is filled with fizness and glass granulate. His paws look like real! They are made of artificial leather.

Happy New Year!!!
Victoria Ivanova
Knitting Snowman Glass eyes.

Levit Inna
The bear appeared on the first day of the New Year. Growth standing 21 cm, sitting 15 cm.

Bear Rhymes
She is completely handmade bear made of vintage style German mohair, fully jointed, traditionally stuffed with wool, wood wool, steel shot. She has got brown glass eyes, embroidered and bee waxed nose, slightly toned face and body. There is a Bear Rhymes gag sewn in her back. Violet is dressed in a warm hand knitted jumper-dress, so she is fully ready for cold weather!

Fox Danny and Donna
Teddy by Tatiana Fedorova
Merry Christmas and happy New year!

Sweet Summer Rabbit Boy now looking for new caring parents. He's so shy and cute I know you'll love him. One of my most deary "kids". This lovely teddy was created by me and it have 11 cm tall. This babe was made from high quality materials and stuffing. It will make a perfect gift for your children, family members, colleagues or friends.

Teddy Bear Миша
Nata Budkevich Teddy bear
And the snow will be today? sighs Bear, looking out the window ... “There is no snow again today,” I reply to him. A new year, too, will not come?, The new year will definitely come! And you will meet him in the new house. Where the morning begins with a smile, where it is cozy and the kitchen smells like oatmeal cookies.

Teddy March Rabbit
Very funny and sociable rabbit looking for a host. This is the café toy sewn by me in honor of the beginning of a new spring. Rabbit turned out wonderful, almost alive, your inner child would be happy to play with him. And I'm sure'll love it.

Teddy by Elena Karasenko
Raud in traditional style.Made of strong, vintage plush.Filled with wood wool, sawdust and mineral granulate.I think this scarf suits him very well and he is undoubtedly warm in it!All my bears comes from a Non Smoking home.Thank you for staying with me! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! All peace and hugs!

New house. Swallows.
Wool friens by Elena Lebedeva
As messengers of winter can be called bullfinches, so messengers of spring can be called Swallow. My composition is called "New house". I want to tell you a little about this bird that inspired me: Swallows a "children of air", sit on the ground very rarely and reluctantly.

" The Red Vineyards near Arles "
Teddy bears by Irina Drizdenko
I am happy to present you a new collection of teddies "Great Artists. Vincent van Gogh". These wonderful paintings you can see in museums, advertising, on dishes, in embroidery and so on. But the teddy bears have never been decorated by them. If you love painting and teddy at the same time this unique art is created for you!

Little owl Tim
Little owl Tim is the first and youngest from the collection of "Little Orphans". Little Tim, his brother and sister were left without a mother. Their mother, kind Elina, died defending the nest and her little ones from the snake. Little owls had to grow up early. They began to take care of each other and of course they dreamed that someday they would have a mother.

Astrid the Bear
Teddies by Anna Miretska
Astrid from the project 'Dreamers from roofs', She dreams to fly to parties with bats and New Year's lights never stopped shining. Astrid is the only one of its kind. Astrid has a music clockwork mechanism with the tune "Waltz of the Flowers". Tender, touching, sensual melody. I sewed Astrid of German mohair (painted by hand).

Bear Vova
Lysi Toy
Teddy bear named Vova..! Alpaca Excelsior and mineral granulat Glass eyes Cotton 100% handmade Thank you and have a nice day..! Happy New Year..!

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