Jo bears
made From heavy cotton , embroidered details . Glass google eyes. Cotterpin jointed, pellet weighted. Clothes are removable. Lined cotton Paws.

Mini Kitten Rhubarb
A aloha Hawaii Bears
Julie Beveridge of Just Tiny Tedz is the talented mink artist of this OOAK kitten. 6 inches long. Made of vintage Autumn Haze mink. Fully lined for durability and strength. Hand painted glass eyes with white suede inserts. Precise scissor sculpted face for a cute kitty look. Clay sculpted nose, sewn on securely. Fully jointed. Suede Paw and footpads are sculpted with pulled toes that are stuffed (see photo).

Galina Khalikova
This divine baby's name is Nicoletta. She is a very cute and charming bear. She likes smiling a lot and sitting on a palm. She is a small creature of 14 cm if seated. Nicoletta is sewn from German viscose and has German crystal eyes. She is a bit heavy as she’s filled with mineral granulate and softwood.

foxes Duke and Luky
Dubyanskaya TOYS
Creative collectible toy boy foxes Duke and fox girl Luky. Unique toys! Silent but very loving couple. For a long time together. The girl is very subtle and gentle, and he was attentive and gallant. Height 33 cm. Hands and feet are very mobile. The head of the sculpture "Artista Formo" The body is soft, but with the worsening of marine stones. Very heavy! Fox sits perfectly on any surface.

Busya and Bon
Little Busya and baby Bon are inseparable from childhood. Seems friendship is no stronger. Whoever eats sweets more is noticeable on the round belly of Busi. Busya little sweet tooth.

He is looking for a new home. was born on 13/01/19. 11 centimeters 4.35" standing height approx Material used: teddy bear plush, mini plush Eyes: glass, black Filling: synthetic fluff, metal granulate, he is super heavy Connections: 5-section The front paws are flexible. You can gently bend them to take different cute positions. All my toys are 100% handmade made by hand, without sewing the machine!

Teddy Bear Polina
Cozy little animals teddy
Teddy bear  Polina!!!

annaartpolo bears&frends
Serious, real, yours...

Benjamin is a one-of-a-kind bear, created by my new pattern. He is made of high-quality Schulte synthetics of two colors, for paws I used miniature fur. Benjamin has lock-line armature in the back, that lets him take various poses. The bear is filled with fiberfill and has a lot of glass and rubber pellets. His paws are quite heavy and flexible.

Gems fur may look a little different in the photos, as the lighter fur is with lamp lights and the darker fur is with natural light. This fur varies depending on the light. Gem is a 6.5 inch collectable bear,from ear to foot, that is completely hand sewn. She is made from scruffy faux fur, cotterpin joints, steel pellets, stuffing, and glass eyes.

Sweet Heart
Victoria Ivanova
Miniature Kitten sewn from plush Glass eyes Head is mobile Filled with wool and metal (heavy)

A big bear with an embroidered rose.
The bear is sewn from an old plush. Filled with wood wool.

Raccoon Chancy
Raccoon Chancy is one of a kind, can open and close his mouth. Growth standing 11 inches (28.5 cm), growth sitting 8.2 inches (21cm) Raccoon Chancy is made of alpaca and artificial German fur. Filler is a synthetic fiber and mineral beads. Mounting is movable. The paws are attached to the disks and cotter pins, the head mount is different. From the head along the body passes a plastic skeleton.

My dear friends I'm happy to present you my new big teddy panda Marcus. Marcus is sewn from of Schulte mohair. The bear is fulfilled with love, birch sawdust and glass granulated materials. That combination is making a bear to be a little bit heavy. As usual at this bear I used my favorite cotter pin joints: so hands, legs and head can be moved.

His name is Platon. The bear turned out to be quite large and heavy. Its weight is 580 g (+-2 g). Platon is made of vintage plush processed by hand and Japanese textured cotton; glass eyes are handmade; the cap on the head is made of vintage cotton, at the end is sewn a tambourine;