Teddy doll Lilu
Galina Khalikova
A lavender bunny teddy-doll's name is Lilu. She is a very cute creature with gentle eyes; Lilu will be looking at you with all her loyalty and love. Her head, feet and hands are sculptured from ‘creative paperclay’. All my works are one of a kind and exclusive.

Teddy Bears
Bears & friends
Real charming Russian bears! Sewn from Italian viscose, packed with sawdust, metal and glass granulate. Glass eyes. 26 cm (10 inch) tall. Bears will fill your home with comfort and warmth. Each bear costs 100 $.

Soulful by Lemming
Teddy doll. Head and body are sewn from Italian viscose 9mm , hands and feet from Italian viscose 6mm. The face is made of LaDoll clay, horns, palms and hooves from polymer clay LivingDoll. The body is mobile. Eyes glass.

Sveta's Teddies
Bear Francesco is sewn from Italian and French viscose painted by hands. OOAK, my own design and pattern. He's filled with nut-pine softwood and metal granulate for pleasurable weight. He’s toned with artistic oil and highlighters for fabric work.

Judy the Bunny
Teddies by Anna Miretska
Judy is the only one of its kind! I crafted Judy and her clothes by hand, carefully, with love and attention to every detail, in a single copy by my own author's pattern. I sewed Judy of Italian viscose and of German hand-painted viscose.

Teddy bears
Teddy bear is made of Italian viscose, filled with sawdust and heavier with metal granulate. eyes of glass, clothing has two sides. clothes can be removed. The bear is very kind and likes to sit on his hands. he will always smile at you!

Kotoveika BEAR
By Kotova Olga 12.2 inches (31 centimeters) Bear-Vano Height 31 cm sewn from Italian viscose, has a splint. Fully stuffed with sawdust, weighted by metal granulate.Eyes matte glass. Delicately aged. Shirt and pants made of Japanese cotton. Boots leather. Clothing is not removed.

Dear friends! I would like to present you this bear cub. Bear cub Mimi is sewed from the Italian viscose,filled with sawdust and mineral granules. Have eyes boot`s button, 5 joints, pastel tinted. On the neck a silk scarf and lampwork bead is removed.

Teddy bear "Rosie"
Bears by Nadejda Mohova
Baby Rosie is 22 centimeters of incredible tenderness, which you do not want to let out of your hands. Teddy bear is made of Italian curly viscose hand-painted. Densely Packed with sawdust and metal granulate. Head - handles and legs are movable, with five cotter pins. Bear tinted artistic oil.

Sweet Caramel
Teddy Art
Teddy bear in pink knitted suit. This is a very, very sweet teddy which always travels with you)). This one sewn from a viscose, completely handmade. Head and paws made with joints, glass eyes, embroidered nose. He has heels of cotton with a floral print.

Teddy Bear Princess Fiona
The bear is sewed from the Italian viscose and minishtof . Eyes glass. Filled with synthetic material antialergenny, steel granules. Fastening: 10 disks, 6 forelocks. The head on double fastening, are mobile, bend. The nose and a mouth are embroidered. It is tinted by art oil paints. Growth 7.

Teddy bear Maiden (mini Teddy bear)
Teddy bear Maiden with Christmas tree and sled - a winter Wonderland in miniature! Teddy bear Maiden is made from Italian viscose according to the classical technology of Teddy. Teddy bear maiden tightly Packed opalocka. Head on cotter pins. glass eyes hand-painted. Tinted dry pastel.