Angel Delight
Samantha-jane Bears & Scallycats
Angel Delight is 7 inches tall and created from beautiful hand dyed pale dusky pink and ivory crushed silk German mohair. She is five way cotter pin joined with a wobble neck joint and a traditional hump. Her face has been needle and scissor sculpted, his eyes are black glass, she has hand shading to give her a loved and aged look all over.

Rosemarys Bears
She would make a perfect choice as a celebratory gift! This soft teddy bear is made from luxurious Stieff Schulte alpaca in Ivory. She is fully jointed with an embroidered nose and smoky topaz English glass eyes. Ruby is firmly stuffed with a mix of wood wool and polyester in her head to give her a nice firm nose and filled with polyester elsewhere.

Ferdy Fox
Bearmore Bears
Meet Ferdy Fox lovingly made from a schulte antique curled mohair in fox red and ivory, He is complimented by faux cashmere paws.

Meghan and Cinnamon
Cobblestone Creations
Meghan is a sweet bunny girl in the Book Club series from Cobblestone Creations and is 11 inches seated. She will come with her 3 inch puppy named Cinnamon, her favorite Miniature Golden book titled Four Puppies and her spectacles. Meghan is made of curly ivory colored faux fur with pale brown cashmere inner ears and foot pads. She is 5 way jointed.

Petal Bunny
Bunny Petal, dusted with pastel coloured beads and crystals as meadow petals. 26cm tall to ear tips. Made from hand dyed Schulte viscose Glass eyes with leather lids Embroidered nose/mouth with horse hair whiskers Pastel shading on face Swarovski crystals and beads on ears and head. Crystal belly button! Ivory bob-tail. 4 cotter pin joints with wobble pin head joint. Filled with wood flakes.

Jolly Jingles
Adorable Madness
Jolly Jingles is 7 inches tall and made of German mohair. He has been hand stitched with glass eyes and is fully jointed. He has a black and white striped stocking cap with a bell and little circles at the top. He is holding a small ivory bottle brush tree. He is softly stuffed and feels wonderful in your hand. Jolly is a collectible and absolutely not meant for children!

Lenny the cool lion measures about 11,8“ (30 cm) when sitting. His fur is a wonderful realistic looking plush. His blonde mane consists of many wool dreadlocks that you can style on your own according to your ideas. I stuffed him with natural sheep wool and some steel shots for weight. Lenny's nose is sculpted of clay his realistic green eyes are of German glass.

Anna Rudenko
By Anna Rudenko. 9.4 inches (24 centimeters). elephant . pattern copyright! not intended for children. artificially aged. length 30 cm height 24 cm material: plush vintage.

I would like to introduce Emily. She is 12 inches tall from her head to her toes. She is made from mohair in an ivory color. She is stuffed with sawdust, wood wool, and minerale granulate to give her a little extra weight. She is fully jointed with cotter pins in her head and limbs. Emily has an embroidered nose. She is a very sweet bear girl .

Panda Bear 'Bertie'
Wee Beary Tails Bears
Thank you for stopping by to meet cute "Bertie" Designed & handmade by me Rachel Summersby of Wee Beary Tails. He is a podgy panda, cuddly with a big grin, I hope you like him! He measures approx 10" tall when he is standing and 7" when sitting due to his design he does prefer to sit! He has been created from:.

Bears by Tatiana Krivitskaya
Julia ivory made from viscose Italy / France hand painted. Seat height 4.72 inches height: 5.91 inch (12 cm, length 15 cm). Stuffed with sawdust and mineral granules in the stomach. Glass eye. The head, hands and feet are attached with cotter pins. Rotate. Cap connected manually. Clothing is made from cotton. Clothing is removed. Julia just sits. One of a kind. Does not contain granules of metal.

Briarbelle Posy
Emma's Bears
Briarbelle Posy is a delicate little flower in the body of a giant teddy! Her impressive size helps to showcase her gorgeous curly kid mohair fur. The darker colour has been hand-dyed by us and is an experimental colouring – a silvery slate/grey backing with hints of lavender, and a deeper purple tip. Her white patches are the original ivory white curly kid mohair.

Bear Treasures by Melanie Jayne
Measurements: Height 14.5 inches (36cm) Sitting 11 inches (28cm) (measurements are approximate and exclude her hat) Materials: Elsa's beautiful teddy bear character is made from a soft dense ivory alpaca, she has pure wool feet paw pads which I have sculpted and hand shaded. Elsa is fully jointed and fitted with English glass eyes.

Ekaterina Bushmakina
The bear was make from 2016, winner Golden Gearge award 2017