Heritt (generous)
Hi, nice to introduce my new job. Very hard and long to prepare! All clothes and accessories are made by me by hand. Bear sewn from curly viscose, filled with sawdust, 5 T splint connection, weighted with metal granulate. Tinted with oil paints. Patterns on the pants painstakingly embroidered by hand. Shirt embroidered with beads. All clothes off. Roach is made using decorative feathers, threads, embroidered with small beads.

Fox Emit
Irina Kirichenko
Meet a new character a Fox by the name of Emit.Totally new job for me.Sewn from viscose hand color.Pastel toned.Only can sit.Fully stuffed sawdust + metal granulate-very tight.Eyes from glass.

Artist Teddy Dog
I'm glad to show you my new job, a small dog named Bruno. Wonderful and cheerful, baby. Growth (size) 14 centimeters He will become a good friend for you, he is beautiful with an open heart! its size is small, it can always be near. he is sitting, not worth it. It is sewn from German viscose. The paws and head move. He wears a warm sweater and a scarf.

Musical Teddy Rabbit Lolly
Oksana Yurchenko
Lolly,musical Teddy Rabbit, born 30.07.2016. The increase in the cap 28 30 cm 11.8" 11", sitting 25 cm. 10.2 " Made of silk fur, silk Italian mutton, flock. The tummy is inserted Japanese musical mechanism with gentle unobtrusive music Judy Collins Amazing Grace , reminiscent of the sounds of ancient musical boxes. The mechanism is securely fastened in the tummy.

Anna Rudenko
"Etienne". pattern copyright!

Puppy husky gray white
Irina Kotelnikova
20 inches (50.8 centimeters). Puppy of the husky. This is a hand-made sculpture of a dog. My methods include knitting and dry felting. The structure of the wire inside the doll allows him to sit, stand. Wool of different shades uniquely intertwined to create a realistic impression of the natural hair of animals. The eyes are painted in hand and the claws are made of plastic. Filling 100% of wool.

Realistic fox Fenech Shiva
I'm glad to introduce you to my new job fox Fenech Shiva. Puppy increase of about 9 inches (23 cm) high, without regard to the length of the tail of 11.5 inches (29 cm). Sew a fox Fenech from the German artificial fur. Filler synthetic fibers and glass granulate. the head mount is different from the traditional fixing teddy bears.

Little puppy Jenny!
Timchenko Oksana
Hello! I want to introduce you to my new job, little puppy Jenny!

rustic bears
Peter, a vintage doll made by me by hand at a master class by the famous master Olga Ivanelo! The doll is sewn by hand! The doll can only sit, it is single breasted and 30 cm high! the body is soft, filled with sawdust and a mixture of granules, tinted with pastel!

Emma's Bears
Mariah is our very beautiful preview bear for this show. She is taking this job very seriously and refused to smile for her photos! She is made from two exquisite fabrics – a densely curled cream kid mohair paired with a piece of our crimped mohair/viscose fur hand-dyed in gorgeous dusky lilac-rose colouring with mottled darker and lighter tones.

Cooper Bears
Fancy is a little bear that has a huge job she is part of the Art vs Depression team.

Hattie the Kitty Waitress
MaxiLynn Bears
Hattie works in a posh tea rooms where you have to book months in advance to acquire a table. She is extremely good at her job but can often be found slobbering when she smells the customers’ food being cooked. Then she has to be really good at her job because she has to get the food to the tables without licking it.

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