Teddy Kangaroo Kenga
Fantasy by Sveta
USD 65.00
Artist toy. Crochet. Material: Yarn, Plastic (nose), glass eyes. Toned with acrylic paint. Filled with holofiber. Legs and head are moveable. PLEASE NOTE: Toy is not recommended for children games. Only for interior and gifts.It is collection teddy. Height 15 sm ( 5.91 inches) Only delicate dry clean. Don't wet.

Olena Makeienkova
USD 330.00
This caring mother loves her child very much. Manufacture of viscose. Inside packaged hypoallergenic synthetic fluff The head and body are connected by the skeleton of Lockline The legs are attached to the body of bolted connections and actuators. The paws and ears are reinforced with copper wire Body, legs can be gently bent. The head tilts in different directions. claws polymer clay Tinted with artistic oil.

USD 302.85
Tod, the od duck in the Bekkiebears collection.

USD 89.00
Welcome to the "Mother's bear" shop. This is a small world of my creations, which I make using the technology "teddy bear". This means that their head and paws are rotated, thanks to the use of special mounts (discs and cotter pins).On the back of head all toys have a knot it's a special "sign'' in teddy bear technology,which mean that eyes are sewn,not on glue.

Kangaroo Kengy
adopted USD 194.67
Hello, please meet kangaroo "Kengy".

adopted USD 89.00
Miniature kangaroo Kelly. Full height is 4.7 inches ( 12 cm ). Materials: smokey long pile, ministoff fabric for miniature, german glass eyes disks and pins, fiber filler pastel, knitting cap