ostrich kid bird
Realistic Pets Soft Toys
This ostrich kid bird was born as a result of a creative marathon in which he became the winner. This toy combines many different techniques, this exclusive. The head and body are made of faux fur, and filled with synthetic filler. Faux suede neck and legs are filled with natural wool. He can open and close his glass eyes thanks to the mobile eyelids.

Hare kids "Ki"
Dubyanskaya TOYS
Hare kids "Ki" Collection called "Morning in the forest" 6 inches tall A little sad, but it is easy to cheer. Not at all afraid of the wolf in the forest, but still a little cowardly and loves to sit with the owner in his pocket. The legs and handles are movable. Head and Finishness Paperclay Head can rotate-cotter pin Ears bend and take different positions.

Lavender the bunny. Rabbit teddy
Irina Plaksina
Lavender the bunny.

Sweet Caramel
Teddy Art
Teddy bear in pink knitted suit.

Teddy bear boy Franz
Anna Kolo
Teddy bear boy Franz. Completely handmade author's work.

Snowflake - White kid mohair fur
Sharon Veness Teddy Bears
Meet Snowflake she is a one of a kind kid mohair teddy bear. She is hand made with hand painted blue eyes. She looks adorable with her little eyelashes. She is stuffed with polyfill and fine heavy fill. Standing at 40cm tall, she is a great size. She is 5 way jointed and is adorned with a gorgeous bejeweled butterfly broach in bright blue and gold.

Mistletoe the snowman, Stuffed Snowman, 3.9 inches (10 centimeters)
3.9 inches (10 centimeters). Next fun snowmah, the baby named Mistletoe. This snow kid loves hugs, and Christmas merriment. And it will not melt from your warm hands! the snowman stitched entirely by hand from vintage plush., * the head and arms has the splintage connections for mobility. Arms have copper wire inside for flexibility his eyes black, glass, made in Germany.

Apple Blossom
Apple Blossom is making her debut just in time to brighten any décor with her pal yellow colours for spring. She is made from dense slightly curled kid German mohair in a pale yellow soft honey colour with matching cashmere foot and paw pads. This mohair is incredibly soft and rich looking in appearance. She is 12in/30cm in height; 5-way jointed;

Adorable Bears by Madam Mari
Treat yourself or a loved one to a vintage-inspired, collectible teddy bear! These magical bears and their friends are designed and hand-sewn by me from high-quality European materials. I use vintage plush, Italian and German viscose, and mohair for the exterior, and natural materials such as cotton and silk for the outfits. The bears are stuffed mainly with sawdust and some mineral or metal beads to add weight.

Mini bear Danny
Teddy and Friends
The Kid from the collection "kindergarten". Bear sewn by hand on my author's pattern from American fur, filled with sawdust and wool. The nose is made of baked plastic, the eyes are made of epoxy resin, the head and paws on the splint joints. The overalls are tied with tiny wool blend yarn and can be removed. The kid himself cannot stand, but sits confidently.

The Jaded Bearsmith
Blackberry is incredibly sweet and soft to hold. Named after both the flowers and fruit of the Blackberry bush. She is made from a combination of curly kid mohair called vibrant verbena for her head and limbs. Her tummy, paws and ears are made of a lovely, exceptionally long and soft hand dyed yellow toned mohair. It measures in at an incredible 71mm long.

blue cat
He's not normal. Cat has a rare breed of Blue Panther. He doesn't look like a normal cat. He will fulfill your every wish. He gentle and are a good. It feeds on sunlight and stroking. The cat doesn't take up much space. The kid is made of viscose. Head and paws moving. tummy and paws filled with sawdust. Reinforced tail.

Teddy bear Savely!
Levit Inna
Teddy bear Savely! Wonderful cozy bear. Good gift to children! Decorate the interior of the children's room. Bear height 15 cm.

Nicole and Alex. Teddy bears.
Galina Khalikova
*THE PRICE IS INDICATED FOR 2 BEARS TOGETHER! I present you another wonderful pair of bears from my favourite collection "TWO HEARTS"! Nicole and Alex They will become a great gift for a family for Christmas. The creations are of soft and warm colours. Alex is wearing a gorgeous brown jacket, trousers with a key and a bow;

Potap is made according to the traditional technology of making teddy bears. Materials: mohair, sawdust, micro stones granulate, eyes of glass. The kid is stirched with love you. Be gentle, touching and beloved friend.

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