Mrs Octo
May I introduce you Jellyfish named Medy Octo. She is a special one. She dreamed about brave knight who will save her. I proudly can say, that Medy Octo is 100% movable toy, because of her construction. It means that all of his tentacles has flexible skeleton and pin connection. This Jellyfish is sewn from white German viscose. The dome is created from pure silk.

Richard the LionHeart
Richard had a batist shirt, cotton under armour special garment, real hand-made chain armour, red cotte de arme. He wear very heavy crown with garnets, steel sword and wooden shield. All clothes may be undressed. All work without machine sewing, only hand made. Richard made from german plush (faux fur), long pile german mohair and sassy fur for the miniature bears.

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