Lady Ascott
USD 71.91
Lady Ascott just came from the horse racings. She is too much of a lady to bet, but she loves horses. She is approximately 9.5 cm / 3.74 inch tall. She is made from a beautiful brown mini-bear fabric. Her ears and paws are from cotton fabric. She wears a beautiful cotton dress with lace and pearl beads and a knitted vest, also with pearls.

Miniature Teddy Bear Lady
USD 65.00
Miniature Teddy Bear Lady 11.5 cm / 4.53 in height I performed on the classic teddy pattern, which I reduced and adapted for this size. The bear is made from viscose hand dye produced in Germany. Filled with mineral granulate and sawdust. Cotter head and paw mount. Cotton dress (not removable). Knitted jacket (removed). Completely handmade. Made with love. Dry clean only. Not suitable for children under 6 years old.

Lady Brianna
USD 230.00
She is 28 centimeters tall (31 cm with bonnet), weight: 420 g. She is made of hand dyed vintage plush. The bear is thickly stuffed with sawdust and metal granulated material. She has glass eyes. Toned by oil paints. She also has 5 split pins. Materials used for clothing: Italian silkl, silk velvet fabric, french lace and beads. Silk velvet bonnet and silk dress decorated with french lace and beads.

Bearmore Bears
USD 98.51
A beautiful lady bear that braved the world. She is very shy young lady and hides her eyes with her paws. When feeling brave she appears from behind them to greet you with her beautiful little face. Made from a stunning dense pink mohair 10mm and complimented by cashmere. This lady is 5 way jointed and weighted and has a hand stitched nose and glass eyes.

Alexsandra Astahova
USD 166.00
A charismatic little fabulous art toy is sewn and assembled completely by hand. All the elements are painted and decorated by me, you can get to know each other closer with the help of a photo and accompanying text.Perhaps he will be a gift for your family , friends or for yourself. Charming charismatic lady who will conquer you with one look. The beautiful baby fits in your palm.

Miss Piggy
Olga's Furry Art
USD 100.00
А charming lady pig is looking for home and loving owner. It is made of suede, its nose and hoofs are made of polymer clay. Its paws and head are movable. The pig is filled with hollow fiber. The dress and petticoat are removable. This is a collectible toy, it is not suitable for children. Dry clean only. You may also order me a portrait of you pet.

Lady Rose
Elena Volchkova
USD 180.00
Lady Rose is a true English Lady who likes to make tea in her garden. She also loves roses which are growing nearby. Maybe you do not know, but bears very love to drink tea with delicious dishes and Lady Rose loves to feast her girlfriends with biscuits and fragrant tea in the gazebo. This summer tea drinking is her favorite pastime!

Francis lady bear
Elena Volchkova
USD 210.00
Once upon a time there was a very romantic lady bear. Her name was Francis. She loved the sea at dawn and loved to dream. She dreamed of a fairy-tale prince who would come to her on a sailboat with scarlet sails. She loves her dream. Loves the sea. And she loves her little magic sailboat ...

Mrs. Smith
JuNa Art
USD 79.20

The bear in a short dress.
USD 118.00
The bear has been created from soft viscose fabric, she is 30.5 cm (12” ) tall, filled with sawdust and minerale granules, 5 fully jointed cotter pins, as with all the teddy bears.

Teddy baby Merry
Anna Kolo
USD 120.00
Stitched from German viscose. Head, arms and legs turn.

Bearmore Bears
USD 98.51
Made from a dense mohair 10mm + complimented by cashmere.

Julia's teddy Handmade
USD 115.00
Materials: viscose, cotton, glass eyes, vintage lace. 5-way jointed toy is stuffed with sawdust and metall granules. Tinted with artistic oil paint.

USD 180.00
Laura is hand sewn from German mohair, she is 14" (36 cm) tall and fully jointed.

Lady capybara Jenny
Olga's Furry Art
USD 120.00
А charming lady capybara is looking for home and loving owner. It is made of viscose. Its paws and head are movable. The capybara is filled with hollow fiber. The dress, fur coat, bonnet, knickers and petticoat are removable. This is a collectible toy, it is not suitable for children. Dry clean only. You may also order me a portrait of you pet.