Teddy Bear, from the collection of "love story" toy that loved and cherished! This toy is as old book, reading which we plunge into the world of old fairy tales from my childhood:  That came the same day that was waiting for a little girl with lovely blue eyes and provocative curls. Yes, on that day she had promised to have bear, which she promised to love and cherish.

Linda Bear Girl&Lavender Bun
Brambly Woodland
Linda Bear Girl made of alpaca Shulte.

Irina Donskaya
Jack. Cute teddy bear in the color of lavender.

Teddy Rabbit. Teddy Bunny
Cozy Josie
- Teddy Rabbit sewn from German viscose stuffed with sawdust and weighted with metal granulate, tinted with oil paints glass eyes, cotter head Very soft and cozy baby.

Fae OOAK artist bear
Kylie's Collectables
"Fae" is a OOAK Artist bear. She stands at 10 and a half inches tall and is made from a gorgeous sparse grey/green mohair. Her foot pads are suede. She has pale lavender glass eyes and her eyes sockets have been needle and clay sculpted and hand painted. She has a hand sculpted and painted clay nose.

Bears by Nataly Yurinova
Bianca. Growth of about 18 cm, hand-painted mohair, sawdust, granulate, cotton, linen. Likes, when it is cloudy in the morning, to sit by the sea, wrapped in a blanket and; blueberry-lavender tea

Paris Dreams
Irina Vasileva
Teddy bear Paris Dreams.

Herbarium. Lavender
Viktoria Golubeva Bears
Collection “Herbarium” 27cm. Viscose, sawdust, mineral and metal pellets, wood wool. Cotton, hand embroidery.

Violet Blossom
Spring Blossom Bears and Bunnies
Violet Blossom is a baby bunny girl measuring in at 9" tall and 7.5" long and about 4.5 " wide (not including her ears). She is made from very soft synthetic fur that is a pinkish lavender color. Violet Blossom has black glass eyes with shading, a clay nose, stitched mouth, bunny whiskers and a bunny tail. She is stuffed with polyfill and a pouch of pennies to give her added weight.

Lavender Bear
Еmotional bears by Irina Voronina
Beautiful gray-purple color. This bear is one of a kind. It's big and heavy. Holding it in your arms gives the impression that you are holding a child. He has an extraordinary appearance. Unusual and bright. Will decorate any collection. Sewn from a thick Alpaca hand color. Filled with sawdust, wood wool. Inside Taurus mineral granulate. The gasket is not tight. Glass eyes.

Vorobyova Irina & Ermakova Anastasya
Daniela little bear in a classic style only 14.5 cm tall. Teddy bear is made of German viscose, 5 cotter pins, stuffed with sawdust and granulate. His eyes are black German glass. Daniela is dressed in pantaloons, dress, decorated with cotton lace. On the dress lavender embroidery in Rococo style. Daniela stitched in vintage style!!! Care and using: Don’t washing!!!

Teddy March Rabbit
Very funny and sociable rabbit looking for a host. This is the café toy sewn by me in honor of the beginning of a new spring. Rabbit turned out wonderful, almost alive, your inner child would be happy to play with him. And I'm sure'll love it.

Rabbit is made of natural Alpaca. Cedar shavings inside. In the abdomen, wood wool, metal granulate, lavender. In the tail of a metal granulate. The legs and head for the cotter pins and disks. Rabbit has one eye. Antique eye prosthesis. France 30 years. Tinted oil art. Lugs the heel and genuine suede. The suit is removed sewn from cotton and lace. Metal bells.

Lavender Bear
Teddy by Elena Lemmer
I want to introduce you to a lovely lavender bear! The baby is sewn completely by hand from Italian viscose of two colors gently-lavender and white. The viscose was painted by hand. The body is densely filled with wood sawdust and metal granules for extra weight. Head and paws are mobile and attached on 6 cotter pins. Eyes made of glass. On the tummy of the baby embroidered lavender flowers.

It’s Tea Time
Lanctot’s Loveables Teddy Bears
Meet Lavender, Chamomile and Honey. They are an inseparable trio who treat their tea cup home like a club house and they are the best of friends! Lavender (the bear) is 3" tall, she's made from a lovely, soft, light lavender coloured plush. Her cute little foot pads are made from matching ultra-suede that has been needle sculpted to give her little toes.