Margie's Bears and Creations

Dreams Come True
Every child should have a best friend!

Elena Stanilevici

Obi Wan
Golden Elm Bears
Obi Wan is a jedi bear of 38 centimeter tall. He is made of Steiff Schulte mohair and filled with fiberfill and pellets for extra weight. His face is needle felted with merino wool and hand shaded. He has German glass eyes. Obi Wan is 5 way jointed with nuts and bolts in his legs and in his arms and neck cotterpins. Obi Wan wears a jedi suit.

Kledi-Bears by Edith Lodes-Nowotny
Hello bear and elephants friends. Please meet Elisabeth the sweet little elephant Lady in primitive style. Elisabeth is made from a lovely hand dyed german Steiff/Schulte Mohair. The ground is a sweet light green, the mohair is in denim color.

Anna Hoo Artists Bears
Annelore, a 35 cm light brown mohair teddy bear, wearing a beautiful dress made of old lace and hand knitted cardigan, in light pink mohair wool and silk blend.

Bear Bertie from brown mohair a great gift for children and adults. Height 19 cm Filled with sawdust and metal granules. Glass eyes. The nose is made by me from a milliput. The sole of the paws is sewn from minishtof.Tinted with arts oil. He wears а circus cap and a cotton collar made of light blue cotton with white polka dots.

10 inches (24 centimeters). Looking for unique gift made with love and passion? I propose you a hand made little girl-bear Anna as a perfect solution to become cute friend to your friends, family and children. Anna is a small cuddle bear with a cute look. She loves to caress with like minded friends. She is happy minded girl looking forward to her new family.

The Vintage Teddy Bear Michael is a juvenil bear who looks for the house and the loving mummy who gives this name to the bear. The 14 cm tall bear was made of high-quality German viscose painted manually. The structure of the bear was fixed on 5 forelocks. Eyes are glass and the nose was embroidered with woolen threads. Inside part of the bear was filled with glass granulate and sintepukh.

Steffan Teddy Bear
Teddy bear is sewn from high quality artificial fur. Freddie is a fully articulated bear, it can move arms, legs and head. He is filled by anti-allergic polly-fill. It has glass eyes , while the nose is embroidered. This teddy bear is completely designed and made by hand only by me. It also has a label with my logo. The fur colors may vary slightly due to the light.

Vil Teddy by Ilona Vorotynceva
Truffle the teddy bear loves to walk in the woods and loves to pick mushrooms. He is in love with nature. He picked up a few mushrooms for you. He is sewn out of light brown mohair. Mushrooms are hand molded from polymer clay. Truffle is 34cm tall. His clothing are made of wool and embroidered by hand. ATTENTION!

Teddy bear Philip
Svetik Studio
Teddy bear Philip was sewn as an experiment on various materials. This time I chose curly viscose of unusual color and texture. Bear sewn on an unusual pattern with combined inserts on the muzzle, front and hind legs. To fasten the head and limbs, densely packed with small sawdust, 5 cotter pins were used. Eyes are black glass. The nose is embroidered with black threads of a mouline.

Teddy bear Leonard
Kikka studio
Leonard is a vintage style old looking bear. He is made of plush vintage.This material is very interesting it has basis of pink color and golden yellow shot pile, it makes bear wonderful with very nice light vintage effect. The bear is fully jointed of 5 pins and discs. Paws are made of mini fin material (mini stoff in German).

Spring Blossom Bears and Bunnies
Hello, please meet Spirit. Spirit is a bear measuring in at 13.5" high. He is made from a multicolored synthetic fur that is white, gray and light brown. He has black glass eyes with lids, a glass nose and an embroidered mouth. His foot and paw pads are made from a silky soft fabric.

Muppie's Bears
Arlic is a very naughty one-of-a-kind Muppie's Bear, made of authentic light brown hairy and soft Schulte mohair.