Prince Samson :))
Olga Sheogoleva
Hello, my dear friends :-) I am glad to see you. Today I will show you a little lion. His name Samson. He is going to become the king of all animals for now only the prince Samson isn't able to growl, only mews. Materials for creation of a lion.

Richard the LionHeart
Richard had a batist shirt, cotton under armour special garment, real hand-made chain armour, red cotte de arme. He wear very heavy crown with garnets, steel sword and wooden shield. All clothes may be undressed. All work without machine sewing, only hand made. Richard made from german plush (faux fur), long pile german mohair and sassy fur for the miniature bears.

Lev Shiru
Olena Makeienkova
Lev Shiru, who translates from Japanese as white. In nature, white lions are very rare. Made of artificial fur, synthetic polyester inside, mineral granules for weighing .. The head and body are connected by the skeleton of Lockline The paws are attached to the body of bolted joints and actuators. The paws are reinforced with copper wire Body, legs can be gently bent. The head tilts in different directions.

Lion Abbas
Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
Lion Abbas is created on a plasticine model specially for this show BCA. I've never done lions before, because I'm a lioness on a horoscope, it was a challenge for me) We used absolutely new materials that I did not work with before. I also used a plastic skeleton inside.

African lion
Irina Kotelnikova
26 inches (66 centimeters). African lion (felt sculpture) I want to introduce you to a wonderful boy The work is made of carded wool by the method of dry felting and painted curls of the sheep. Claws and paw pads, made of plastic. For the mustache, I used horsehair. Eyes are painted by hand.

Irina Kotelnikova
lionet This unique child is created with great love and attention to all details. For its creation I used only felt wool and a needle. Materials: wool, Fimo clay, a horsehair for moustaches, glass for eyes The ornament on hair of a kitten is carefully punched by a needle manually with use of different shades of wool.